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    Official: Chevy's hardcore Niva concept ready for Moscow adventure

    A couple of weeks ago, Chevrolet released a pair of shadowy teaser images previewing a new Niva. And now, with its live reveal at the Moscow Motor Show looming over the next snow-capped mountain, the Bowtie brand has taken the wraps off the new concept. Though details are scarce at the moment ...

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    Teased: Chevy teases new Niva concept for Moscow debut

    It's not every day that a new Niva comes along. Lada has, after all, been producing its version since 1977, and through a joint venture between AvtoVaz and General Motors, a Chevy-badged version since 1998. Sure, there's been talk of creating a new one. Bertone even gave it a facelift a few years ...

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    Official: Datsun reveals new On-Do budget sedan in Russia [w/video]

    When Nissan revived the Datsun brand name, it essentially hit the "undo" button on the rebranding it undertook decades ago. But this time, the Datsun name is being used solely as a budget brand for developing markets. The reborn marque launched in India this past July with its Go hatchback, ...

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    Report: Renault-Nissan moves to take control of Russia's largest automaker

    Renault-Nissan aims to increase its stake in Avtovaz, giving the alliance majority control over Russia's largest automaker. The deal will likely see Renault and Nissan vehicles manufactured beside Lada models in the near future. Avtovaz recently finished a new production facility in Togliatti ...

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    Report: Lada 2107 reaches the end of its road

    "It's time to say goodbye," said AvtoVAZ spokesman Igor Burenkov to Russia's RIA Novosti about the end of Lada 2107 production, which happened this week. The Lada 2107, also called the Lada Riva, has been plying Russian roads since before Ronald Reagan started redesigning walls. It's one of the ...

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    Official: Renault-Nissan reports annual sales of over 8M in 2011

    In spite of contraction in Europe and a series of natural disasters in Japan and Thailand that crippled supply, Renault-Nissan – with a tiny bit of help from Russian partner Avotvaz – sold 8.03 million cars in 2011. The record year outdid 2010 sales by 10 percent, with Nissan's sales ...

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    Official: Lada steps out of the Cold (War Era) with new Granta budget sedan

    It's not every day that Lada comes out with a new car. In fact, the Samara – which the model you see here is set to replace – has been on the market pretty much unchanged since 1997. (And that's not even their oldest model: the Niva 4x4 has been out there since 1977.) So the launch of ...

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    Report: Russia's AvtoVAZ finally turns a profit after many years

    During the first quarter of 2010, Russian automaker Avtovaz lost 2.6 billion rubles ($85M U.S.). In the second quarter it made almost a third of that back when it posted a net profit of one billion rubles ($32.7M U.S). The spike came courtesy of Russia's cash-for-clunkers program, which more than ...

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    Renault F1: Sponsored by... Lada!

    Renault R30 F1 car – click above for high-res image gallery
    Renault F1's got itself a new sponsor: Lada. The Russian automaker's logo will appear on the R30 racing cars, as seen above, as well as the driver and crew uniforms. The announcement was made at a meeting held this Monday in ...

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    REPORT: Renault and Russia come to agreement on AvtoVAZ

    Renault has found a way to appease Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that didn't involve writing a check for $850 million. The French company took a 25% stake in Russian carmaker Avtovaz, and when Avtovaz started having a hard time of it earlier this year Renault looked content to see how ...

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    REPORT: Renault delays new Lada products to focus on improving quality

    Lada Concept C – Click above for high-res image gallery
    All eyes have been on Renault since acquiring a 25% stake in Russian automaker Avtovaz. The French carmaker headed by the venerable Carlos Ghosn beat out Fiat and General Motors to acquire the interest in Lada's parent company, but ...

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    Russian PM Putin reportedly tells Renault to put up or get out

    It seemed like a good idea at the time, but with hindsight being 20-20, how many failed ventures can be summed up by that same excuse? Just last year, Russia was looking to foreign investors as one of the most promising emerging markets in the world. Renault got locked into a bidding war with ...

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    REPORT: Russian conglomorate plans merger of top three automotive brands

    Kamaz Dakar rally team in Moscow's Red Square
    While competition between local automakers may have worked in individual markets in the past, that same fragmentation is one of the chief elements hampering the global competitiveness of carmakers hailing from emerging markets. China's automakers have ...

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    Putin Power: Even Russian automakers to get a bailout?

    Lada C Concept - Click above for a high-res gallery
    According to The Detroit News, Avtovaz, Russia's largest car maker and the home of Lada, is in line for government help. The Russian car industry is faring even more poorly than its counterpart in the U.S., with a 60% drop in sales being ...

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    Russia expected to be third largest global market by 2012

    Russia has long been included under the "emerging markets" umbrella that carmakers have been saying would lead to future industry growth. The economic fallout put an end to those predictions, with Russia suffering just as badly – and if you include the oil sector, some would say even worse ...

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    Moscow 2008: Lada shows off C-Cross concept

    Click above for hi-res gallery of the Lada C-Cross conceptThe Moscow Auto Show is underway and Damon's on site with camera in hand. The car you see here is the Lada C-Cross Concept, which looks kinda like a Chinese knock-off of a last-gen Euro Ford Focus with added ground clearance. The C-Cross ...

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    Ghosn: Nissan not pursuing partnership with Chrysler

    According to Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan, the Franco-Japanese carmaker is not interested in adding additional alliances with Chrysler at this time. While Chrysler recently inked a deal to have Nissan manufacture subcompacts to sell in South America, that is as far as it goes. "We have an OE ...

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    Carlos Ghosn goes to Russia, returns with a new AvtoVaz

    Relentless deal maker Carlos Ghosn has never stopped looking for any partnership that would give Renault a plum position in a profitable market. Already close to a Nissan deal with Chrysler working on Renault and Nissan deals in the Middle East, his latest paramour is in Russia. Ghosn has secured ...

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    Vintage American iron thriving in Cuba

    At least one of Autoblog's staffers is a sucker for the monthly 'Discovered' and 'Lost & Found' features British rags Thoroughbred & Classic Cars and Classic and Sports Car. Great 'barn finds' make our hairs stand up on end and constantly have us peering into farmyards whenever we drive ...

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    AvtoVAZ looking to buy platforms from Euro manufacturers

     According to the Moscow Times, Russian automaker AvtoVAZ is hoping to develop new vehicles based on platforms bought from another European automaker. The automaker is reportedly in discussions with manufacturers like Fiat, DaimlerChrysler, and Renault. The former Soviet car manufacturer's ...


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