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    Video: Jos The Boss takes to the Dutch streets in open wheel GP car

    To promote a rather full-featured automobile get-together called Autoweek Live in Lelystad, Holland next month, the organizers got ex-Formula One driver Jos "The Boss" Verstappen to wring out an A1GP car in the Lelystad city center and then strut its stuff on a highway. The spec series ...

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    Video: Get a heli-sweet overhead view of the 2012 Woodward Dream Cruise

    It's practically impossible to explain the scope of the Woodward Dream Cruise that takes place every summer in Detroit to someone who's never witnessed it themselves. Here at Autoblog, we've tried using image galleries, stationary camera feeds and even a live stream attached to a Chrysler minivan ...

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    Official: Autoweek awards Audi A7 and Land Rover Evoque 'Best of the Best' titles

    The editors from Autoweek have lined up their notes and named their 2011 Best of the Best. The 2012 Audi A7 and Land Rover Range Rover Evoque took the top honors, with editor Wes Raynal saying that the Audi is a vehicle with "few peers" thanks its integration of sedan styling and hatchback ...

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    Woodward's iconic Vinsetta Garage being turned into restaurant by AutoWeek publisher

    It's a sad sight when iconic institutions in local neighborhoods fade far from their former glory. Along Detroit's famed Woodward Avenue sits the Vinsetta Garage, which officially its doors closed in 2010. This story doesn't have a sad ending, however, as the garage has been given a new lease on ...

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    Report: Top Gear going Dutch with new series in Holland

    Spinning off isn't usually a good thing when you're making a show about cars, unless the spinning in question relates to the series itself and not to the cars being driven. And while Clarkson, Stig, et al, have certainly spun enough cars on and off camera, their mishaps are surpassed by the ...

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    Porsche buffs go searching for great German beer... deep in the heart of Texas?

    A good roadtrip needs a few items for success; great people, interesting destinations and, of course, the right vehicles. We can't vouch for the people on a personal level in this tale, but Autoweek took on a Texas roadtrip and seems to have gotten the ingredients just right. How do six tuned ...

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    Report: Long-wheelbase Porsche Panamera coming in 2012

    2010 Porsche Panamera – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Is Porsche getting ready for Extenzify its Panamera sedan? According to Autoweek, the German automaker is currently developing a long-wheelbase Panamera for the North American and Chinese market to satiate demand for increased ...

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    AutoWeek picks CTS-V Coupe and Grand Cherokee as Best of the Best for 2011

    Nearly everyone else in the entire world may already have spouted off various year-end lists, but AutoWeek waited for the 2010 dust to settle before announcing its Best of the Best 2011 car and truck award winners. The 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe and the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee took home the ...

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    Report: VW New Beetle successor timeframe and details come into focus

    2005 Volkswagen Ragster concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Volkswagen New Beetle hasn't exactly been, well, "New," for many years now. However, a report from AutoWeek states that the Bug will get a much-needed overhaul later this year, with a concept car expected to debut ...

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    AutoWeek gets its own Forza 3 Car Show Pack, where's the love?

    Forza Motorsport 3 will soon feature an add-on car pack featuring ten rides handpicked by the scribes at AutoWeek. Apparently, it took two podcasts worth of deliberations to settle on the finalists, but the AutoWeek Show Car Pack bundles the 2009 Audi R8 LMS, Audi RS 6, Lotus 2-Eleven, 2010 Aston ...

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    The Other Neff: AutoWeek writer escapes harm after rogue tire takes out her Fiesta

    2010 Ford Fiesta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Much has been said about the new Fiesta that will soon anchor Ford's line up in the U.S. For all of the praise that its driving dynamics and killer sense of style have earned, we still don't know how safe it is in an accident. That's ...

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    AutoWeek going bi-weekly, won't change name to AutoBiWeekly

    AutoWeek has announced that it's switching to a bi-weekly distribution schedule for its print magazine, which it claims in the press release after the jump will benefit readers. We think it will benefit AutoWeek in that the once-weekly rag will save a bunch on paper and distribution costs. In ...

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    Marketing 101: Make stuff up, make it visible - BMW's subtle 1-Series shilling

    Marketing campaigns are always in search of a new hook, and BMW's gotten creative to help keep the 1-Series on boil. Readers of the March 24th edition of Autoweek were treated to a smattering of tiny-Roundel factoids at the bottom of the mag's pages. Some of them might be true, while others seem ...

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    AutoWeek picks Best of Show and honors others from Detroit

    Here's a way to create content long after an auto show has ended, dream up a list of editorial favorite picks. Well, what the hell, we might as well be meta and report on the anti-news. Here we go blithely. AutoWeek handed out its Editors' Choice awards for the North American International Auto ...

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    Autoweek to host teen driving summit Aug. 28th

    After the success of the Autoweek's Teen Driving Report last year, the publication has decided to bring together groups of educators, advanced driving schools, legislators, parents and their kids for a day-long event on August 28th at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich.The Teen Driving Safety ...

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    Embargo this! First Silverado test drive

    As we're sure you're well aware, automakers put press embargos on their latest and greatest, and if certain automotive news outlets break the street date, the fiery hand of Zeus bolts through the heavens and strikes the offending journalist dead.But what if the vehicle in question is simultaneously ...

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    So who broke Honda's embargo?

    Though Honda did have an embargo on the release of the CR-V until September 1st, some have made the valid point that Motor Trend technically broke the embargo first when copies of its October 2006 issue featuring an article on the 2007 Honda CR-V hit mailboxes this past week. At that point, ...

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    2007 Acura MDX unveiled early, too

    AutoWeek followed up its "unapproved" online debut of the 2007 Honda CR-V with the unveiling of the 2007 Acura MDX, as well. Heavily inspired by the MD-X Concept that was unveiled at the 2006 New York Auto Show, the new MD-X sports an all-new design that differs sharply from the well-received looks ...

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    Premature release: 2007 Honda CR-V debuts a bit early

    AutoWeek decided to pull back the curtain early on the 2007 Honda CR-V and publish pictures and details of the new CUV that the automaker had placed on embargo until September 1st. We've seen this happen so many times before, and not just by small blogs and websites who don't know any better, but ...

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    Volkswagen's GX3 to be nixed because of legal concerns?

    Sadly, Volkswagen looks ready to pull the plug on its GX3 project, which only weeks ago looked set to put the three-wheeled star of this year's L.A. Auto Show in U.S. showrooms by 2007. AutoWeek reports that concerns about U.S. liability laws have driven a stake through the heart of the project, ...


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