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    Geneva and the Decline of the Auto Show While I'm not likely to get a lot of sympathy, do be aware that I'll be wearing out a lot of shoe leather, this week, during the two day press preview of the Geneva Motor Show. By my preliminary count, I expect more than 50 news conferences, with as many as ...

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    Honda says it isn't pulling out of more auto shows

    On Monday, we reported that Honda Europe had decided to cancel its participation in this fall's Frankfurt Motor Show. In that report, we speculated that it wouldn't be a surprise to see Honda follow Nissan's path of only participating in one major auto show per continent. It turns out that at this ...

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    New York 2008: 2009 Honda Fit gets in shape

    Click above for more high-res pics of the 2009 Honda Fit The 2009 Honda Fit has landed, and done so with everything the previous Honda fit was lacking. Judging by the sales numbers of that previous Fit -- over 2,000,000 globally in six years -- it wasn't lacking too much. The car gets Honda's ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: the shiny, invisible Bugatti Pur Sang

    There was an official release of the all-aluminum Bugatti Pur Sang somewhere in Frankfurt this week, but it wasn't at the official Frankfurt Auto Show. In fact, once it was shown -- presumably, once -- it wasn't seen again. Not much of a loss, really, because you won't be likely to see one either: ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: Aston Martin DBS is the new House of Lords

    Click the image above for more hi-res pics Neither Daniel Craig nor his latest avatar made an appearance at the Frankfurt Auto Show, but that's all right. If we had a choice of meeting Bond or his car in person, we'd have to go with the car. And there it was, the DBS, "the ultimate luxury sports ...

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    The Detroit Auto Show takes on all challengers

    When the LA show moved from January to its current November date, people said that it was a harbinger of doom for the Detroit Auto Show. Car companies may be based in Detroit, they said, but car culture is being largely defined and driven by Southern California. More recently, Porsche pulled out ...

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    Cali gets another auto show

    Attention car-obsessed Californians, Motor Trend Auto Shows announced that it is launching the Central California International Auto Show in Fresno, Calif. The 100,000 square foot show will feature 31 manufacturers, vehicles ranging from concept cars to aftermarket tuners, and a ride ...

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    Geneva Motor Show desktop wallpapers

    Our foreign correspondent Alberto Ballestin proved to be quite the accomplished shutterbug during his coverage of the Geneva Motor Show last month. We told him he wasn’t done with his assignment until he rounded up his best snaps and posted high-rez versions for all of you to enjoy. Check out ...


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