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13Tesla autopilot could offer 90 percent autonomous driving next year

Those Tesla Model S electric vehicles look good, but anyone worried about computers taking over our roads may want to steer clear of them starting next year. That's because 2015 may be when such vehicles will have autonomous-driving capabilities, according to an interview Tesla Chief Elon Musk conducted with CNN Money.

67No steering wheels, pedals or horns in cars by 2035, survey says

At what point does a car cease to be a car and start becoming a people-mover? One survey hints that we're less than two decades away from that eventuality. Whether auto enthusiasts think that's a good thing is another matter altogether.

26Tesla not talking about odd Model S prototype spotted in CA [w/video]

It's not a UFO, but this UDO (unidentified driving object) is causing almost as much of a stir on Reddit, Tesla Motors Club and other sites as a visit from Sanyassan marauders. It's tough to see in the video still above, but what we're looking at here is a Tesla Model S with a big ole something on top.

33BMW begins testing autonomous car tech on highways

Automakers are always looking to push the boundaries with experimental technology, but BMW seems to be ahead of the curve with respect to autonomous vehicles. Previously, BMW was sticking to closed circuits to show off its TrackTrainer. Now, however, the German automaker is venturing out on to public roads, and it's doing so with an automated 5 Series fitted with advanced ConnectedDrive technology.

10Audi drops more photos and info on "Shelley", the autonomous TT-S

Autonomous Audi TT-S "Shelley" - Click above for high-res image gallery

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