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    Official: Ford Fund offering $1 million in automotive design scholarships

    William Clay Ford, Sr. passed away earlier this month, now Ford has announced that the name and design legacy of Henry Ford's grandson will live on in the form of scholarships for the next generation of minds conceiving the future of transport. For the next 20 years, the $1 Million William Clay ...

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    Report: Gilles defends 2014 Jeep Cherokee design as "very contemporary"

    Following the forced-hand introduction of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, there has definitely been a mix of responses revolving around everything from its design to the return of the legendary nameplate. As evidence of this, just check out the 1,000+ comments in our article last week and some of the ...

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    Official: Volvo replaces Peter Horbury with ex-VW designer

    Volvo has chosen former Volkswagen designer Thomas Ingenlath to replace Peter Horbury as the head of the Swedish brand's design department, the latter having moved up the ladder to oversee design work at Volvo's corporate parent, Geely. Ingenlath was with the VW Group for 20 years and did stints ...

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    Video: Lincoln offers peek into new styling direction with design boss Max Wolff

    For a while there, it looked like Ford forgot about Lincoln, and dismal sales numbers reflected the marque's lack of attention. But just when it was beginning to look like Lincoln was on its last leg, Ford's luxury arm unveiled the refreshed MKS and MKT at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Those models ...

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    2011 Art Center Car Classic celebrates Southern California's influence on automotive design

    The Pasadena Art Center College of Design held its annual Car Classic this past weekend, an event that has been a must-attend on our calendars for the past few years. While rain hampered last year's Car Classic, this year's event benefited from a typically beautiful Southern California ...

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    Report: Lexus vows bolder design, won't "always stay in the middle of mainstream"

    Lexus design has never been very flashy, and many might say (including us) the automaker's entire current lineup is a bit bland-looking (LFA supercar excepted, natch). But that visual conservatism may be about to change: Automotive News is reporting that the Japanese juggernaut plans to change ...

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    I DRAW CARS book coming for budding car designers

    Love cars? Surely, then, you spent many a classroom hour doodling them all over their book covers and binders. Sometimes they looked kinda cool, while other times you wish you had used pencil instead of pen. A new book is in the works that will help budding automotive designers hone their skill, ...

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    Are sex and biology the future drivers of automotive design?

    It might not get you a date, but this Porsche definitely taps into our biology drives and pumps us up
    "Is that a Porsche in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" That's the subtitle on a funny and informative piece by colleague Diego Rodriguez over at AOL Autos. In it, Rodriguez looks ...

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    RCA design students collaborate with Bentley on the Flying B of the future

    Royal College of Art design students work with Bentley – Click above or below for high-res image gallery
    Seems like everybody and their cousin wants to design cars. But even with the right training, it can still be tough for an aspiring auto stylist to break into the field. Bentley, ...

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    REPORT: Honda closing European design office in Germany

    2008 Honda Open Study Model – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The car design community has been sent reeling by word that Honda plans to close down its European design studio. The office forms part of Honda R&D Europe in Offenbach on the outskirts of Frankfurt, Germany, and while ...

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    VIDEO: Franz von Holzhausen talks about the 2011 Tesla Model S

    2011 Tesla Model S - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    The crew from On Cars had a chance to spend some quality time with the Tesla Model S and some of the key people bringing this sweet sedan to fruition. In the first of three videos (the other two haven't been released yet), not only are ...

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    Bavaria's new Flagship: Cruiser 55 sailboat by BMW DesignworksUSA

    Bavaria Cruiser 55 by BMW DesignworksUSA – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    The term "flagship" gets thrown around a lot in the auto biz, but this time the term really fits the mold. Styled by the the automaker's design firm, the BMW DesignworksUSA Bavaria Cruiser 55 became the ...

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    Former BMW designer Chris Bangle to open own studio?

    For those who have been wondering when and where lightning-rod designer Chris Bangle will surface again, Automotive News has some scuttlebutt for you. According to the industry publication, the controversial BMW stylist has some plans of his own – for a new design studio.While Bangle has not ...

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    Buick Reatta a design flop?

    The Buick Reatta a design flop? That's what a University of Michigan professor told The Wall Street Journal recently. Really? The Reatta is the one car that he could find to pick on as an automotive design flop? Sure, the high-tech coupe was overweight and underpowered, overpriced and ...

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    Amateur car design: How fast do your dreams go?

    I was young when I set up my first automotive company. It was small, as you might expect of a corporation founded by a 14-year-old. CJT Inc. produced only two vehicles. The MF2000 was a super-swoopy, gullwinged sports car with a tri-turbo V-12 that ran on either hydrogen or unleaded. Our other ...

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    GM shuffles global design team

    GM's made some fairly significant changes to its domestic and international design teams, with former Chrysler designer Bryan Nesbitt coming out pretty good. Nesbitt moves from executive director of design for GM Europe to vice president of design for North America, reporting directly to Ed ...

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    Scion in their sights: Coventry design students developing customizable youth car

    With Scion as their inspiration, three recent graduates from Coventry University's Automotive-Design program are creating their idea of a youth car. For now, the trio is only releasing this conceptual sketch, but they hope to have a 3-D model in 8 weeks.Kazanori Inomota, Edward Stubbs, and Mujammil ...

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    Ford launches "Innovations" site

    Autoblog reader Josh sent us in a tip about Ford's new "Innovations" site, a testament to the company's investments in alternative fuels, safety, design and technology. So far, the site's only active offering is the alternative fuels area, where it boasts Ford's leadership in the development of ...

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    Caddy draws on history for richer interior in the 2007 SRX - UPDATED

    Cadillac is borrowing a page out of its own book -- one written decades ago -- to offer consumers an interior in the 2007 Cadillac SRX that's hand-crafted by GM's finest. The luxury crossover offers up a richer cabin thanks to what GM calls its "cut and sew" method, a manual manufacturing process ...

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    Ford Bold Moves: Episode 2 - Commitment to Design

    Half Real World, half late-night SPEED channel documentary, Ford's Bold Moves campaign is onto its second episode, Commitment to Design. Ford design gurus J Mays, Peter Horbury and Hau Thai-Tang chime in to accept responsibility for bringing Ford back from the abyss via design. The episode ...


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