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    Funny Car Commercial of the Day: A good reason for an automatic

    Mazda offers a good reason to choose an automatic – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Generally speaking, all of us at Autoblog prefer to drive a manual. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. For instance, driving a supremely sedate luxury car with anything other than a ...

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    Report: Eight-speed transmissions to proliferate through Audi lineup

    How many gears are enough? While it seems that six-speed automatic transmissions are just now becoming the de facto standard in most circles, Mercedes-Benz has been working with seven ratios for a while now and Lexus did its German rival one better by designing its own eight-speed. Not content to ...

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    Aston Martin DBS gets Touchtronic tranny

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Aston Martin DBS
    The ultimate Aston Martin is only a year old, but it's already getting some updates including a new automatic transmission. The DBS will receive an optional automatic transmission dubbed the TouchTronic 2 for the 2009 model year, a ...

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    Rumormill: Ford may drop manual from Super Duty lineup

    It's an unconfirmed rumor that Ford's going to make its Super Duty pickups shiftless, but the mere whiff of a reduction in choices is likely set enthusiasts afire with rage. The merits of standard versus automatic transmissions in trucks that routinely tow and generally work hard is a debate for ...

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    American Idle: Ford halts production lines at seven plants due to defective part

    The importance of quality parts and strong supplier relations was laid bare for the Ford Motor Company Thursday, as it was forced to hit the red button on five assembly plants (and partially close a sixth) after it learned that of a defective clutch mechanism employed in certain 4-speed automatic ...

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    Toyota recalls new Camry for transmission issue

    Toyota is recalling one half of one percent of the new 2007 Camry sedans it started building this year for a problem with their six-speed automatic transmissions. Affected vehicles may lose second and sixth gear while the vehicle is on the move within the first 500 miles of use, but the automaker ...


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