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    Rumormill: Honda working on nine-speed automatic transmission?

    Honda may be out to improve the fuel economy of its powertrains by throwing extra gears into the transmission. Automobile Magazine reports the Japanese automaker is currently working to use a new nine-speed gearbox developed by ZF in its products as soon as 2014. If you're keeping track, this is ...

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    Correction: Pontiac G8 GT will NOT have an optional 6-speed stick

    Last week, we linked to a CarDomain piece about a lunch that gang had with GM's Bob Lutz. One of their topics of conversation with the product czar was manual transmissions, and it was reported that the '09 Pontiac G8 GT would be offered with an optional Tremec 6-speed manual transmission. This was ...

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    Correction: Diesel Maxima coming with automatic and maybe a stick

    Click above to view high-res gallery of the 2009 Nissan MaximaYou know how it goes with the rumormill. Sometimes it tends to be spot-on in its predictions; sometimes... not so much. Such is the case with recent reports that the upcoming clean diesel engine in the Nissan Maxima would be equipped ...

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    Rumormill: Ford may drop manual from Super Duty lineup

    It's an unconfirmed rumor that Ford's going to make its Super Duty pickups shiftless, but the mere whiff of a reduction in choices is likely set enthusiasts afire with rage. The merits of standard versus automatic transmissions in trucks that routinely tow and generally work hard is a debate for ...

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    Spyker D12 SSUV to begin production in 2009

    click above to view the pre-production D12 at the 2007 Geneva show Like one of their exotics sitting impatiently on your driveway, Spyker isn't content sitting still, so the bean-counters will just have to keep up. Despite deep financial woes troubling the company, Spyker is forging ahead with new ...

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    No manual option for the 2008 Pontiac G8?!

    On the eve of what could be the revival of GM's "Excitement" division, it comes to light that the new Pontiac G8 will make the trek from Down Under sans stick. For whatever reason, General Motors has decided to offer the G8 – one of its sportiest and most potentially enthusiast-pleasing ...

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    Crooks who can't drive stick get caught

    Driving a manual shift automobile is a bit like riding a bike in that most people only have to learn once. For two young men, learning how to drive a car the old-fashioned way never happened at all. As a result, when they tried to carjack a ride with a manual tranny, they didn't know what to do ...

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    Automatic for the People: Maserati delivers first 70 Quattroporte Automatics

    Not unlike other exotic Italian marques, Maserati has a tendency to dramatize the offering of any slight variation of its cars just a bit. It's somewhat excusable when you consider that, aside from the MC12 supercar, their line-up consists essentially of two models. But while it'd be all too easy ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Maserati Quattroporte Automatic

    Click on the image above to get to our high-resolution image gallery. As promised, the Detroit Auto Show marked Maseratis debut of the fully automatic transmission they're to begin offering in the beautiful Quattroporte sedan. The sumptuous Italian four-door was previously offered exclusively ...

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    Masermatic: Quattroporte now available with six-speed auto

    Most people view a car as a mode of transportation. Enthusiasts see in the automobile something more: a stirring creation, a masterful feat of engineering, a triumph of design. For those in the former category, a Lexus or Mercedes would be the logical choice for a sports-luxury saloon. For those ...

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    Mau-tronic! FAW's Chinese robotic car

    Now this has disaster spelled all over it. (If you can read Chinese.) Chinese carmaker First Auto Works (FAW) is demonstrating a sedan that drives itself. Equipped with two cameras hooked up to a computer guidance system of some sort, the FAW Hongqi (Red Flag) HQ3 prototype is designed to navigate ...

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    4-speed automatics on their way out

    Transmission supplier Jatco Ltd. believes that by 2015 the 4-speed automatic transmission will be no more. Shigeo Ishida, president of the company, says that newer transmission technologies, like 6-speed automatics and CVTs, will rapidly replace the quartet of cogs that had for some time been a ...

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    GM makes another investment in new six-speed automatics

    General Motors upped this week's total investment in its new six-speed automatics to $500 million with Thursday's announcement that it was investing over $330 million in an upgrade to its Warren, Michigan plant, which will produce compact FWD and AWD models of the new transmission.All told, GM's ...

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    GM invests another $170 million in shift to six-speed automatics

    Announcing Tuesday a $170 million investment in GM Powertrain's Ypsilanti Transmission Operations and its satellite vendors and support infrastructure, General Motors made a strong commitment to its new family of six-speed automatic transmissions. The new investment follows the more than $450 ...


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