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    German lawmakers said to oppose Opel loans, argue GM is healthy enough on its own

    General Motors isn't finished with Opel, but the German government would apparently like to be finished with General Motors. Michael Fuchs, a senior member in Angela Merkel's ruling CDU party, has reportedly declared "The discussion ... about financial aid for Opel must be ended once and for ...

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    Chrysler won't suspend NASCAR program, will reduce funding

    A rubber bullet has been dodged: NASCAR can still count on sponsorship dollars and involvement provided by the Detroit 3. Chrysler has stated that it will reduce the funds that flow from its taps into NASCAR, but won't leave the sport. As far as marketing and advertising goes, the "stock cars" ...

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    Would GM shed Saab, Saturn and Pontiac to secure gov't aid?

    When ants need to cross some dangerous span in order to get to the thing they want, certain ants in the colony will sacrifice themselves to build a bridge that other ants can cross. That's how you get the honey. In GM's case, the honey is a $12 billion government lifeline. The dangerous span is, ...

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    Detroit Three pass credit check, $25 billion in gov't loans approved

    While the U.S. banking industry is still waiting for Congress to give it a $700 billion hand, President Bush signed into law last night the spending bill that gives U.S. automakers $25 billion in loans to get their collective act together. But unlike when a bank deems you worthy of their money, the ...


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