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    Plenty of Life Left in the Piston Engine - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    There are all kinds of ways to boost the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Hybrids are becoming more and more popular. Clean diesels seemed poised to make major inroads in the market. And even though they're a ways down the road, hydrogen fuel cells sure look promising. But the problem with these ...

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    Autoline After Hours: TTAC's Robert Farago joins McElroy, De Lorenzo and Vines

    If you haven't caught an episode of Autoline After Hours, this is the show to watch. Joining AAH's host and Autoblog contributor John McElroy is Autoextremist's own Peter De Lorenzo and former Chrysler PR man Jason Vines. For an additional bit of flavor, The Truth About Cars' founder and editor, ...

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    It's a Fuel Problem, Not a Fuel Economy Problem - Autoline with John McElroy

    Every single day, the United States ships $600,000,000 out of the country. That's what it costs us to pay for the oil we buy from other countries at $50 a barrel. It is the single biggest cause of our massive trade deficit. The U.S. uses roughly 20 million barrels of oil every single day, and ...

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    Why Obama Axed Wagoner - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    Rick Wagoner is no longer CEO of General Motors for two reasons. First, he failed to come up with a plan that satisfied the government that GM would be viable going forward. Two, President Obama needed political cover before he poured more money into the auto industry, a move which is strongly ...

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    Breakthrough Audio System, All Thanks to Software - Autoline with John McElroy

    I just experienced one of the most amazing sound systems that that I ever heard in a car. What makes it so amazing is that it doesn't use a power booster, or equalizer, or better speakers, or anything like that. Instead, it's all done with software. The inventor of this system is a guy named ...

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    Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy - 2010 Chevy Camaro Edition!

    2010 CHEVY CAMARO: DRIVING IMPRESSIONS I'm sure there are a lot of Autobloggers out there who know the specifications of the new Camaro far better than I do. But numbers on paper don't mean much until you experience them through the seat of your pants. So here are my driving impressions of the new ...

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    Big Three Sitting on $10 Billion Goldmine - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    There's no question that the Detroit-based auto industry needs a lot of help. There's a 100-year history of how it got into the problems it's in, and some of those problems are beyond management's control. But there is one area where General Motors, Ford and Chrysler have total, complete ...

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    The Amazingly Stupid Detroit City Council - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    Nobody reading this blog needs to be told how much trouble Detroit is in. Whether it's the Detroit Three, the city of Detroit, or the greater Detroit area, the story's the same: we're in trouble! One of the very few events that provides positive media coverage for Detroit every year is the North ...

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    Hybrid Batteries Surpass All Expectations - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    When Toyota's Prius first hit Japanese showrooms in 1997, I was highly skeptical that hybrids would catch on. Not only was the technology really expensive, I thought the nickel-metal hydride batteries would prove to be the Achilles Heel in the system. Sooner or later you'd be facing an expensive ...

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    A New Kind of Cop Car, A New Kind of Business Model - Autoline with John McElroy

    Autoblog has followed the developments at Carbon Motors ever since the start-up unveiled its new police cruiser a year and a half ago. And while the car looks impressively good, what makes this company worth watching goes well beyond the product. Carbon has come up with a business model that could ...

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    Big Problems with California's CO2 Standard - Autoline with John McElroy

    Earlier this week President Obama instructed the EPA to determine whether it should grant California a waiver to set its own CO2 standards for cars. It's a hugely controversial issue, and one that's fraught with major problems for the auto industry. First off, cars and trucks account for only 18% ...

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    Detroit and Our National Defense - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    In all this debate about whether we should provide the Big Three with a bridge loan, not enough attention has been devoted to their impact on our national defense. I'd hate to see this country ever get involved in a total global war again, but I especially shudder to think it might happen without ...

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    Ford Report: Diesel vs. HCCI vs. Stratified Charge - Autoline with John McElroy

    To hear Ford's CTO tell it, all these painful layoffs and budget cuts going on at the company can actually be beneficial. "It gets you really focused on what's really necessary," says Gerhard Schmidt, the Chief Technology Officer at Ford. Ford now evaluates its R&D efforts by comparing the ...

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    GM Is On Its Last Legs - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    There is only one number that really matters in today's financial report from General Motors: how much cash it has in the kitty. And the answer is, not enough. GM is now burning through its cash reserves at a rate that will run short before Christmas. Every month GM spends $13 billion to pay all ...

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    What if GM Collapses? - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    Anyone watching the auto industry these days is acutely aware that General Motors is hurtling towards disaster. It's burning through cash reserves at a rate that will put it in Chapter 11 sometime next year, no matter how much management says "that's not an option." It's still being crushed by ...

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    Quality Problems With Quality Ratings - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    Pity the poor car buyer who wants to be a smart consumer and reads all the quality studies before going to the showroom. How do you know what to believe? For example, Consumer Reports' Reliability Survey gives props to the Scion xD. But Strategic Vision's Total Quality Award gives props to the ...

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    GM-Chrysler, What Are They Thinking? - Autoline with John McElroy

    The headlines say General Motors is feverishly putting a plan together to take over Chrysler. From my standpoint, only two theories can explain why this is happening. Either the billionaire boys from Cerberus have a master plan to revamp the American auto industry, or they are in so far over ...

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    I'm Losing My Bet On Diesels - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    A few years back I made a bet with a former Director of Engineering at General Motors. I bet him five bucks that Americans would fall in love with modern diesel engines and would want them in their cars. Specifically, I predicted that diesel sales in passenger cars would reach 1 million units by ...

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    How to Kick Our (Imported) Oil Habit - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    There's a lot of talk about making the U.S. energy independent. Or getting off oil altogether. I guess anyone who believes it can easily be done has never taken the time to count how many millions of barrels of oil we import every day. Damn do we use a lot of oil! Some say the country is in ...

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    How Ford Will Save Mercury - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

    HOW FORD WILL SAVE MERCURY When Alan Mulally came to the Ford Motor Company two years ago he finally forced the company to face reality. It wasn't going to go anywhere, he told his executive team, unless it put all its resources into resuscitating the Ford brand on a global basis. So Jaguar and ...


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