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    Autodromo Monoposto watches put vintage tachometers on your wrist

    The explosion of the Swiss watch industry has brought with it an abundance of automotive-themed timepieces. Many of them are either excessively chunky or ornate, and the simplest, most elegant ones are often excessively spendy. The Monoposto series from Autodromo goes in the opposite direction: ...

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    Official: Autodromo enhances its functional simplicity with Vallelunga Chronograph

    As automotive enthusiasts by profession, there's nothing we love here at Autoblog quite as much as cars. But a distant second for many of us comes watches. Fortunately, there's no shortage of automotive-inspired timepieces out on the market, but the unfortunate reality for many is that the ...

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    Official: Officine Autodromo places the spirit of vintage Italian racing on your wrist

    Some watchmakers seek out automotive associations – typically in the form of licensing agreements with automakers or racing series. But some just have octane just dripping from their cogs. Like this latest collection from Officine Autodromo. The brainchild of industrial designer Bradley ...

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    Autoblog gets schooled by Alfa Romeo in Italy

    Click above for a high-res gallery of our time in the Alfa Romeo driving school. Let's take a quick vote here. We won't be tabulating the totals, so we'll keep this unofficial, but we want you to be honest. How many of you, deep inside, wonder if you couldn't have made it as a professional racing ...


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