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    Romeo Ferraris and Autodelta team up for a supercharged goodbye to the Alfa Romeo Brera

    We've seen Romeo Ferraris tune all manner of vehicles, but oddly none from the automaker with which it shares the first part of its name. That's all changing, but not with a current Alfa Romeo model. For their latest project, RF has turned its attention to the recently discontinued Alfa Romeo ...

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    Report: Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan to launch next year?

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Click above to jump to the online configurator
    With the new Giulietta now out in the open, Alfa Romeo's attention is turning to its big brother. Set to replace the 159 sometime next year, the highly-anticipated nuova Giulia promises to improve on the outgoing sedan's ...

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    Autodelta takes on the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

    As far as Alfa Romeos go, the 8C Competizione is as exotic as they come. Still, some are looking for more. Originally, rumors surfaced that Alfa was working on a lightweight GTA version, but while we wait for that to pan out, Alfa tuner par excellence Autodelta is working on tuning the svelte ...

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    Besting Prodrive: Autodelta unveils tuned Alfa Brera S and 159 J4 3.2 Compressore at MPH09

    Autodelta Alfa Romeo Brera S and 159 J4 3.2 Compressore – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Alfa Romeo has proven itself capable of crafting some of the most achingly beautiful automotive works of art on the road today. Unfortunately, their driving dynamics and performance numbers ...

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    Beauty & Beast: Autodelta J4 2.2 C supercharged Alfa 159

    Click above to view the Autodelta 159 J4 2.2 C in high res European reviews of Alfa Romeo's mid-range line-up invariably yield the same conclusion: the Brera, Spider and 159 are impossibly beautiful (take our word for it if you haven't seen one in the flesh), but the performance just isn't there. ...

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    Autodelta unveiling Alfa GT 3.7 Super with 405bhp

    click above image for more pics of the Autodelta Afla GT 3.7 SuperAlfas are considered the attainable sexy Italian autos. Unlike a Lamborghini or Ferrari, you won't put future generations of your family at risk by purchasing one. Of course, the extreme power of those notable Italian exotics is ...

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    Tuner Tuesdays: Autodelta remaps Alfa 3.2 V6

    Few people would argue that the Alfa Romeo Brera, Spider and 159 aren't among the most beautiful cars gracing the road – few people with any taste, anyway. Unfortunately, while the legendary Italian marque has made a huge comeback in the styling department, reviews suggest the driving ...

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    Autodelta Alfa Brera

    The Alfa Romeo Brera is quite possibly the most beautiful car on the market, but reviews have lamented the lack of "go" to accompany the "show". Alfa tuners extraordinaire Autodelta have answered the call with the Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C. The first Autodelta based on the new generation of Alfas ...


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