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    Project Track Slut, Part One: Pick a weapon on the cheap

    Click above for a high-res shot of our newest project.As regular listeners to the podcast know, Project MR-S met its untimely demise when a truck driver clipped the rear end of our 2ZZ-powered daily-driver, spinning it into the center divider with my fiancée behind the wheel. Fortunately, ...

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    Autoblog Project Garage: Say 'Hello' to Project MR2

    Click the pic above for a high-res image.Our newest addition to the Autoblog Project Garage was christened in oil when the engine unceremoniously grenaded itself on our daily slog to work. Riding shotgun in the tow truck, we knew it was a blessing in disguise – Project MR2 was officially ...

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    Autoblog Maintenance 201: Brake pad replacement, Part II

    In the first half of this particular write-up, we showed the basic process of replacing the front rotors and pads on a VW Jetta. Now we'll go ahead and hit the rear brakes, since the car is already up in the air and we're already covered up to our elbows in grease and brake fluid. We'll also go ...

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    The Autoblog Project Garage: Big-brake install, Part 1

    Despite its 4200 lbs of "road-hugging mass", my '96 Chevrolet Impala SS manages to handle an autocross course with surprising grace and agility (that is, if one wants to apply such adjectives to an obnoxiously loud sedan that negotiates cones by frequent and well-timed applications of full opposite ...


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