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    Report: BMW M5 quicker than 1 M Coupe quicker than M3

    Autobild recently set out to settle the question of which M vehicle is the fastest in the BMW stable at the moment. Not surprisingly, the German enthusiast publication found the BMW M3 CRT to be the quickest around the Sachsenring, setting the magazine's fastest time around the track with a ...

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    Porsche developing its own Golf-based entry model?

    If Porsches are good, more Porsches are better, especially if it means Stuttgart's model range will expand downward. Rumors are swirling that Porsche is working on its own version of Volkswagen's Golf/Rabbit, which may be an opening salvo in a Porsche assault on BMW's slice of the pie with its 1 ...

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    Audi R8 named "SportsCar 2007" by Autobild

    Click image for hi-res galleryThe panel of experts at Germany's Autobild Sportscars has chosen its annual car of the year, and unsurprisingly, the SportsCar 2007 award goes to the Audi R8. When you consider that everyone from Jeremy Clarkson on down has been reduced to a puddle of drool by ...

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    Love child of luxury: Bentley and Bugatti beget the Big Bang

    Although we've talked about Bugatti's plans for a super sedan as a follow-up to the all-powerful Veyron, apparently there are some people out there who don't have the patience to wait for such a car to become reality. German tuner LEW Design can help you get at least part way there with its new LEW ...

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    POLL RESULTS: Name that Volkswagen

    The votes have been tallied in our Name the Volkswagen poll. Among the five names that Volkswagen has offered as possible monikers for its next small SUV, one stood out among the rest with 28-percent of the vote: Nanuk. Other names, such as Tiguan (a combination of the words "tiger" and "iguana" ...

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    POLL: Name that Volkswagen

    Unbeknownst to us a contest has been going on in Germany to name Volkswagen's new small SUV that's slated to be sold under the Touareg when it goes on sale in Europe next year and eventually in the U.S. VW was apparently displeased with names proposed for the vehicle by its own marketing department ...

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    Autobild opens up on 2010 Mercedes 300SL gullwing

    After having its cover pimped out all over the internet on account of this mouth watering rendering, German mag Autobild has finally posted what it knows about a possible resurrection of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL gullwing. The boys and girls at AMG, not Mercedes proper, are likely doing development ...


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