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    Mesh with Success: In.Pro's Audi A6 grill

    Some love it, others hate it, but everyone must concede that the dominant deep grill that has formed Audi's new corporate image is a distinctive styling feature. In.Pro takes the look a step further with its emblem-less mesh grill that gives the A6 an even bolder front fascia. The look of In.Pro's ...

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    Audi bringing a history of motorsport to Goodwood

    When the Goodwood Festival of Speed begins on July 7, Audi will have possibly the most impressive vehicle roster from a single marque on hand.Every era of motorsport will be represented, and almost all the cars will be driven. Like its motorsport efforts, Audi takes Goodwood seriously and the fans ...

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    A UAW-free General Motors: the consequences

    George Reisman, professor of Economics at Pepperdine University and author of the book Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, attempts to answer the question of where would General Motors* be today without the United Auto Workers. Some of his ten conclusions include:#1. GM management could fire ...

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    Toyota toots horn on billboards across America

    Toyota has launched a new advertising campaign aimed at educating Americans about the company’s involvement in and importance to the U.S. economy. The billboards highlight such facts as 386,000 jobs have been created in this country by Toyota and the company’s invested $13 billion in ...


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