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auto leasing

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    Report: Auto leasing surges to highest level since 2005

    Leasing is back in a big way, says The Detroit News. After virtually disappearing, lease packages with monthly payments below $199 and no money down are popping up everywhere lately, and those deals are finding consumers. Take it as a sign of economic improvement, but the reemergence could come ...

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    Report: Auto leasing making a strong comeback

    Back in 1999, about one in four new vehicles purchased were leases. That number dropped throughout the last decade until the Great Recession put leasing on the endangered species list. Automakers were losing money due to poorer-than-expected residual rates. At the same time, customers weren't in ...

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    Report: Congressmen spending thousands of dollars a month to lease ordinary vehicles

    Remember when Congress got all up in the grilles of Detroit automaker chief executives for traveling to Washington in luxury courtesy of the companies private jets? It appears our lawmakers are less than perfect when it comes to sourcing their own cost-effective transportation, as Politico is ...


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