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    Official: Milhous Collection hitting the auction block in Boca

    The world is replete with private auto collections that rival the best any museum has to offer. But no one person could have compiled the kind of spectacle that is the Milhous Collection – the embodiment of the life's work and collective wealth of brothers Bob and Paul Milhous of Boca ...

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    Report: 27 car auction attendees injured when Volvo plows through crowd

    It seems we just can't keep unintended acceleration incidents out of the news these days. The latest report of such an occurrence comes from Ellijay, Georgia, where a 1995 Volvo 960 (nope, not a Toyota this time) barreled through the crowd of bidders at Blue Ridge Auto Auction at about 8:15 in ...

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    Coys coming to America to sell record-breaking collection of 500 classics

    British motoring enthusiasts and car collectors have come to know Coys as one of the preeminent auction houses in England. They've been in business since 1909, and operate several locations in the U.K. as well as offices in Italy, at Germany's Nürburgring and in Monaco. Until now, the ...

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    REPORT: NHTSA attempting to stop GM Heritage Collection selloff at Barrett-Jackson

    Word 'round the auctionhouse campfire is that the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration is attempting to put the kybosh on a planned sale of many General Motors Heritage Collection vehicles this weekend. NHTSA is apparently calling for the halt because it fears that many of the ...

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    Like Chevrolet Chevelles? Mecum Auctions has a deal for you!

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mecum Chevelle collection
    We're used to hearing about big-time auctions from the likes of Barrett-Jackson, RM, Christies, etc., but you can add one more to the list: Mecum, based out of Marengo, Il. The firm's auctions can be viewed live on Discovery HD, ...

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    PSA: More banks suing even after repossessing vehicles

    Just because your car has been repossessed doesn't mean you don't still owe the bank money on it. If that vehicle gets sold at auction for less than the bank is owed on it, the difference is called the "deficiency." And as MSNBC informs, banks are increasingly suing to get that deficiency amount ...

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    Mercedes to auction off last McLaren SLR Roadster for the States

    It's the end of the run for the McLaren SLR Roadster, but Mercedes wants to give Yanks another shot at owning one. Beginning November 1, those of you who still have bank accounts can sign up for the auction of the final topless SLR to be sold in the U.S. You'd be right to assume the final edition ...


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