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    Official: Automakers promise better protection for drivers' data
    Critics Say New Measures Don't Go Far Enough In Securing Information 1415975400

    "Automakers believe that strong consumer data privacy protections are essential to maintaining the trust of our customers." – Mitch Bainwol Cars know a lot about their owners. Many Americans don't realize it, but their vehicles are now mobile computers that collect, store and transmit ...

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    Opinion: "It's partner or die" in today's automotive world

    Why Automakers Are Increasingly Entering Alliances It's only a question of how deeply the knife will slice as Mazda's desperate cost-cutting measures take aim at its U.S. workforce this week. The maker has signaled it will post a $1.2 billion loss when the Japanese fiscal year wraps up on March ...

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    Report: Fusion couldn't outsell Toyota Camry even if Ford wanted it to, which it apparently doesn't

    "I don't think we're very enamored with being Number One just to be Number One," Ford Global Marketing Vice President Jim Farley says of his expectations for the 2013 Ford Fusion. Interest in the Fusion spiked after the 2013 model's premium-look sheetmetal made a splash at this month's Detroit ...

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    Report: White House lowers 2025 CAFE target to 54.5 mpg

    What's the difference between 56.2 and 54.5 miles per gallon? Way more than 1.7 mpg, that's for sure. The Detroit News is reporting that the Obama White House is dialing down the proposed 2025 fuel economy requirement to 54.5 mpg. Earlier, we had heard that 62 mpg would be the new target for ...

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    Report: Detroit carmakers join lawsuit against EPA looking to overturn E15 approval

    The fight against E15 is heating up as a group of automakers have joined together to file a lawsuit that seeks to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency's decision to make available higher blends of ethanol for newer vehicles. Ford, General Motors and Chrysler represent Detroit as part of ...

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    Report: Ford reassigns 900 from Mustang/Mazda6 plant in Flat Rock

    Even though sales of its Mustang have been solid and even improving as of late, the powers that be have reportedly decided to eliminate the second shift at the Auto Alliance International (AAI) factory that assembles the Blue Oval's pony as well as the slow-selling Mazda6. The factory in Flat ...

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    Jaguar Land Rover joins Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

    Whenever there's auto industry-related lobbying going on in Washington D.C., the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is there. Consisting of eleven automakers representing 77 percent of all vehicle sales in the United States, the Auto Alliance has a "role in shaping meaningful public policy on ...


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