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audi super bowl

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    Video: S8 ad to air in NFL kickoff game tonight as Audi recommits to Super Bowl

    Audi has pulled the covers back on the first ad for its S line ahead of the spot's launch during the NFL kickoff game this evening. The ad will serve as the country's first taste of a full host of S vehicles, and features the S8 adding a bit of spice to an otherwise droll errand run. Audi threw ...

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    VIDEO: Audi releases trailer for Super Bowl commercial, making of the "Chase"

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    While the Detroit 3 have all taken a pass on advertising during this year's Super Bowl, Hyundai and Audi have stepped in to fill the hole left by the domestics. We still haven't seen the Audi commercial in its final form, but the automaker has released a ...

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    Audi returns to the Super Bowl with Jason Statham and the A6

    The Giants and the Patriots may be disappointed not to have made it back to the Super Bowl this year, but at least Audi will be back again. The German automaker aired a spot during last year's NFL championship game depicting the R8 supercar as a cameo in the original Godfather movie. During this ...


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