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    High Performance: Audi designs a €100,000 Bosendorfer piano to celebrate centenary

    Bosendorfer Audi Design Grand Piano – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There are some things you just don't mess with. Like the shape of a grand piano. They've been making them for centuries, and though to a trained ear, one might sound different over another or even feel different to ...

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    Photos from Audi's parade on Park Avenue

    UPDATE: Photos added from Neal M. and dc, play-by-play account from AhmedUPDATE 2: Video of the Auto Union Type D on the street after the jumpThis morning New Yorkers on their way to work were greeted with Audi's Park Avenue parade that marked the R8's first official drive on U.S. soil and the ...

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    Audi planning parade on Park Avenue

    We feel lucky having been one of a relatively small group of people to see the Audi R8 in person at the 2006 Paris Motor Show. We won't feel so special after next Wednesday, however, when Audi is planning a parade in the Big Apple that will be lead by the company's new two-seat, mid-engine road ...


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