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    Video: Audi kicks off ad campaign tonight with stirring new spot

    Following last week's entertaining and wildly popular Spock vs. Spock video, Audi has come back with a bevy of videos for its new advertising campaign that will begin airing tonight in primetime and on cable. There are five ads altogether, but the longest one, a 60-second spot titled It Couldn't ...

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    Video: Audi channels its "Ugly Duckling" past to sell 2012 A5

    Paul Jaray was an Austrian-born engineer who transferred his aerodynamic designs for zeppelins to the smaller canvas of the automobile. His work included vehicles like the Tatra T77 and T87, and cars inspired by his work and patents included the Chrysler Airflow and Ford Zephyr. Most of his ...

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    Video: Audi A1 commercial highlights big pieces of a small car

    The Audi A1 may be small, but the latest home-market spot for the supermini highlights the car's features in a big way. How big? How about a towering wall of guitar amplifiers that's really an enormous Bose speaker like those you'll find inside the A1? Or a movie screen that's actually the ...

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    Video: Audi A8 Super Bowl commercial riffs on children's Goodnight Moon book

    Audi A8 Super Bowl commercial – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The Super Bowl is just around corner and before the New England Patriots celebrate another victory and that means a new crop of automotive commercials are getting ready to pry your attention away from all the drinks ...

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    Audi signs on for fourth consecutive Super Bowl ad

    Audi has issued a press release announcing that it will advertise during the Super Bowl for the fourth consecutive year. Buying ad time is usually a non-newsworthy affair, but a single 30-second spot during the Big Game represents a financial commitment of $3 million or more. That's a fairly ...

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    Video: Confusing, but awesome Audi R8 Spyder commercial

    Audi R8 Spyder commercial – Click above to watch video after the jump
    This Audi commercial for the R8 Spyder has a tagline that sounds more like two spies verifying each others' identities – "Mirror. Signal. Outmaneuver." – and it has a supporting cast stranger than a man in a ...

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    Video: Audi renews ad wars, takes shot at BMW in new commercial

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    BMW and Audi can always be counted on for a good marketing fight. The two German luxury automakers first went kopf an kopf in European print ads, then on U.S. airwaves and next on our billboards. But after a bit of back and forth, the "good natured" ...

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    How a blogger can cause Audi a headache over Green Police Super Bowl ad [w/video]

    Audi Green Police Campaign – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Audi is taking some heat over the unintended connection one blogger made between the company's Green Police ad that's scheduled to debut during the Super Bowl and the Ordnungspolizei, the uniformed regular German ...

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    Video: Audi TDI good at a lot of things, but suicide apparently isn't one of them

    Killing yourself is a bad idea. And trying to kill yourself by running a hose from the tailpipe to the cracked window of an idling Audi TDI diesel isn't only a bad idea; it's apparently unlikely to get the job done. That's the message we get from the four-ringed automaker's interesting ...

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    VIDEO: Audi invents new sport in S4 advert

    Click above to see the Audi Abfahrtski ad after the jump
    Who needs snow? Audi says just use what you've got. In its newest Audi S4 ad for the European marke, the German brands shows a downhill skier doing his thing through the streets of San Francisco, with nary a snowflake in sight. ...

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    VIDEO: Audi debuts Meet the Beckers, Episode 2

    Click above to watch the next installment of Meet the Beckers
    We're only two episodes into Audi's "Meet the Beckers" viral video series, and we're already big fans. Last time Audi boldly ripped on the competition from BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes with jabs to the brands existing stereotypes. This ...

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    VIDEO: Clever Audi commercial gets a dig in

    Watching this commercial from Audi, we at first thought the automaker was giving props to its German, Italian and Swedish rivals. Then we got it. Thanks for the tip, Jacob!


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