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    Official: Toyota settles complaints with states Attorneys General for $29 million

    Toyota announced today that it has reached a settlement with the Attorneys General of 29 states and one US territory that will resolve their complaints relating to recalls performed by the automaker from 2005-2010, including those related to sticky accelerators and malfunctioning floor mats that ...

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    REPORT: Politician known for harsh motorist laws arrested in brutal hit-and-run death

    Former Ontario, Canada Attorney General Michael Bryant made a name for himself as a tough-nosed lawmaker that took a hard line against street racing. Among Bryant's hard stance anti-racer policies was a law that gave the police the right to crush any car that was modified for racing – even if ...

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    Ontario threatens to crush street racing cars before they hit the street

    Yesterday we learned that California has begun the practice of crushing modified cars obtained while being used for the illegal and dangerous activity of street racing. The hope is that seeing their expensive toys flattened by a compress will deter street racers from endangering the lives of others ...

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    Ten state lawsuit just another political ploy?

    Earlier this month we reported on how ten states are planning to file a lawsuit against the federal government to toughen CAFE rules minivans, SUVs, and trucks. Well, the Orange County Register has taken exception to the suit. An article in the newspaper points a finger at Attorney General Bill ...


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