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79Why you should never let a family member drive your Ariel Atom

Any time you have to hand off the keys to a valued car, it can be a little nerve racking – and with some justification. Just check out this video, which serves as a cautionary tale of sorts. According to its YouTube description, the user, named ShakenBakeRacin, lent his Ariel Atom to his brother and recorded video of him driving the lightweight racer on the north course at VIR – Virginia International Raceway. What was probably not expected was what ensues in the video.

13Ariel Atom 3.5 revealed in UK

Ariel Motor Co. has announced a new version of its stripped-down Atom track star, the Atom 3.5. Following up on the existing Atom 3 model, both the numeration and the spec sheet call this out as an upgrade, rather than a totally new model from the British builder.

7Ariel Atom gets new Cup Racer series in UK

The Ariel Atom is about the purest street-legal sports car you can buy. Known for its radical tube frame, minimalist bodywork and insane power-to-weight ratio, it is one of the quickest cars on pavement. Owners have also found them to be a natural on a racing circuit.

12Watch how an Ariel Atom 300 defines trackday perfection

It has no roof, no windshield and no doors. It doesn't matter. The Ariel Atom is the absolute perfect way to experience the simple pleasure of a day at the race track on four wheels.

7Molecule By Molecule: Examining Sector 111's Ariel Atom

We called the gloriously minimalist Ariel Atom "awesomeness that defies all classification." And that's just how we feel about the outside; Auto Shepherd stopped by Arizona distributor Sector 111 (which, incidentally, will also handle the outrageous BAC Mono) to pore over every detail under the Atom's skin, what little of it there is.

15Mugen Ariel Atom... will it drift?

Flip through the pages of CAR, EVO or Top Gear, and it's obvious the British motoring press has an unhealthy obsession with getting sideways. Not that we can blame them. We enjoy a healthy dab of oppo as much as the next guy, but when the Pistonheads hive-mind starts crying foul about opposite lock shenanigans, you know it's getting out of hand.

11Ariel Atom makers to return to motorcycle building?

Calling the Ariel Atom a "car" is a bit of a stretch. After all, it comes with no roof, no doors, no windows. So for all intents and purposes, it's basically a motorcycle with four wheels (plus two seats and a steering wheel). You're gonna want to wear a helmet, and we wouldn't recommend riding it in the rain.

1Intel and Foryou team up for next-gen infotainment systems

If you're not familiar with Foryou, you're not alone. The Chinese component maker has been producing primarily aftermarket head-units since 2002. But as of today, it's getting in bed with the big boys.

18Mugen goes molecular with special-edition Ariel Atom

Mugen Ariel Atom – Click above for high-res image gallery

17Ariel Atom celebrates turning 10 with special Mugen edition

Ariel Atom Mugen Special Edition – Click above to enlarge

6Ariel Atom one-make series coming to America?

2010 Ariel Atom 3 – Click above for high-res image gallery

21Ariel Atom 3 gets power influx courtesy of Wimmer RS

Ariel Atom 3 by Wimmer RS – Click above for image gallery

4Video: Ariel Atom 3 gets the time-lapse build treatment

Ariel Atom time-lapse build – Click above to watch the video after the jump

22Ariel Atom celebrates 10 years, shows off Atom 500 V8 to lucky few

The Ariel Atom is a lightweight, high-performance sports car which started life as a design project by then-student Nik Smart. Ten years later, the Atom has progressed through three iterations, and there are plans to expand the Atom family with the creation of a motorcycle and the upcoming Ariel Atom 500 V8. The bike is still being developed, but some lucky Atom owners got a sneak peek at the V8-powered variant.

47Quick Spin: Ariel Atom 3 is awesomeness that defies all classification

2010 Ariel Atom 3 - Click above for high-res image gallery

16DDMworks twincharges the Ariel Atom

DDMWorks Ariel Atom – Click above for image gallery

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