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    Aston Martin back up for sale?

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 Aston Martin V8 Vantage
    It's been a busy few years for Aston Martin. Back in May of 2007, the British sportscar company was sold by Ford to a consortium of investors, including Kuwaiti firm Investment Dar and its partner Adeem Investment Company. Ever ...

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    Ford says final price for Aston Martin was actually $931 million

    Automotive News just reported that Ford received a total of $931 million for Aston Martin when it sold the British premium GT maker earlier this year. We had previously put the purchase price at $870 million after reducing it from the initial rumor of $965 million. Confused yet? Good, so are we. ...

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    Aston Martin may sell for $100 million less than previously thought

    The Detroit News just reported that the winning bid for Aston Martin might be a little lower than we originally thought. The group of investors led by Prodrive's David Richards is about to close the deal for about £450 million ($870 million). That's a full 10 percent lower than we just ...

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    Motor Trend: Aston Martin sold, but maybe not to LVMH

    Motor Trend is disputing yesterday's published reports that Brit luxury/sports car manufacturer Aston Martin will be sold to Louis Vuitton. According to MT, which cites "well-placed" UK sources, Aston's bags are packed and ready to leave Ford, but they do not have that iconic "LV" logo on them. ...

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    Did you get your bid in? Auction closed for sale of Aston Martin

    Did you get your bid in? Hope you didn't put it off to the last minute and let it slip by. After all, this IS one of the coolest car companies on the planet. Just think of yourself being able to say, "I liked the car so much, I bought the company!" And even better is the knowledge that it might not ...

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    Line to buy Ford's Aston Martin grows

    At least five potential Aston Martin buyers have now whipped out their platinum cards in anticipation of taking the esteemed carmaker off Ford's hands. One London banker said, "The interesting question is whether this is just going to be a scrap between the rich men of Russia and the rich men of ...


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