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aston martin china

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    Report: Chinese demand could prompt Aston Martin to press on with Lagonda revival

    Automakers are usually pretty decisive. They either build a car or they don't. But Aston Martin has embarked down a bumpier road with Lagonda. Aston bought the Lagonda marque way back in 1947, but after operating it as a separate brand for a few years, it let the brand peter out in the 1950s and ...

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    Aston Martin moves to China, brings silverware

    Next year, with Chinese partner GruppeM, Aston Martin will take its first steps into China with a 5-car showroom in Shanghai, and a 3-car showroom in Beijing. Aston hasn't had a presence in China in the company's entire 94-year history, so to accompany its entry, it is also starting a 1-make series ...


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