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    Followup: Spyker settles tax debt, cancels auction of assets

    News hit last week that Spyker appeared to be in trouble. Citing an outstanding tax bill, local authorities had apparently seized an array of the company's assets – including racecars, road cars, concept cars and spare parts – and were selling them off in order to pay off the ...

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    Tennessee DMV offices using iPads to speed transactions

    Long lines, short tempers, small staffs and big demand make for a hellish experience at the DMV. The great, wide state of Tennessee is looking to technology for relief. Around the state, at 26 DMV offices, the state's Department of Homeland Security has deployed 76 Apple iPads for drivers ...

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    Would the sale of Jaguar involve Land Rover, too?

    Auto analysts are taking the hiring of Wall Street investment banker Kenneth Leet by Ford as a signal that the automaker is considering some drastic moves to get back in black. Chief among them is possibly selling off Jaguar, which of the four members of Ford's Premier Automotive Group, has shown ...

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    Could GM be considering selling Holden?

    According to Graeme Maxton of Autopolis, General Motors may consider selling off its Australian Holden brand.The reason, interestingly, is Holden's profitability. Maxton points out that GM is desperate to make money to pay off its enormous--and fixed-- liabilities. It has already sold its Subaru ...


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