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    Recalls: Chrysler recalling 278,222 trucks and SUVs over bad rear axles

    Chrysler has issued a recall of 278,222 light trucks and sport utility vehicles here in the United States. The reason: bad rear axles. Specifically, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the rear axle pinion nut may lack a necessary adhesive patch, which could cause the ...

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    Ferrari debuts new snow and ice driving school in Aspen

    If you're one of those good souls who doesn't mind getting their Ferrari out in foul weather, we have good news for you. The Italian automaker has just announced the creation of a special winter driving school in Aspen, Colorado. The 2012 Winter Driving Experience is the first snow and ice ...

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    Ferrari offering Winter Driving Program in Aspen to FF buyers

    To help the well-heeled keep their 2011 Ferrari FFs out of the ditches in icy conditions, and give them something to plan a ski vacation around, Ferrari has announced it will hold a winter driving course for new FF owners in Aspen this winter. The course is available with limited slots ...

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    Zenvo's North American special edition ST1 50S comes with watch, $1.8 million price tag

    Denmark may not rank among the countries – like Italy, Germany or England – you'd list as the foremost producer of exotic supercars, but Zenvo is out to change that with the ST1. The Danish sportscar is coming to America courtesy of Red Sea Distribution, and not unlike the new ...

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    Chrysler announces Aspen Two-Mode hybrid

    Considering that the Aspen is nothing more than a rebadged and gussied up Dodge Durango, it should come as no surprise that today Chrysler has announced a hybrid version of its ute to accompany the Dodge Durango Hybrid on the market in 2008. Both the Durango and the Aspen will feature a Two-Mode ...

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    Boston congressman's campaign pays for his Chrysler Aspen

    Want a $45,000 new vehicle but don't want to pay for it? Easy! Have your constituents pay for it. Of course, this requires crossing over to the dark side running for and winning a congressional seat, but once clear of that hurdle, it's fat city! US Representative Stephen Lynch has been seen ...

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    More cash on the hood of Chrysler products

    Soon after Chrysler announced a $1,000 incentive for consumers willing to trade their Accord, Camry, Fusion or Altima for a Sebring, more cash was offered up on some of their slower moving models.Rebates are now available on the 2007 Chrysler Aspen and 2007 Jeep Compass, in the form of $1,000 for ...

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    Vote for TTAC's Ten Worst Autos Today

    Voting is open for The Truth About Cars' first ever Ten Worst Automobiles Today (or TWAT) award that we told you about earlier in the month. The initial list of more than 120 reader nominations contained predictable TWAT-eligible autos like GM's ancient minivans, uh, sorry, Crossover Sport Van, a ...

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    More cash on the hoods of 2006 Chrysler products

    Per usual, as the year draws to a close, new car buyers are in a position to pick up outgoing 2006 models at discounted rates. Chrysler is no exception, but with huge supplies of pickups and SUVs laying stagnant on dealer lots, cash incentives began to go through the roof last week.The newest mound ...

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    Chrysler prices Sebring sedan and Aspen SUV

    Chrysler took time out today to announce the pricing of its two newest models, the Sebring sedan and Aspen SUV. The Sebring will start at $18,995 for the four-cylinder model that uses the company's 2.4-liter World Engine producing 173 horsepower and 166 ft-lbs. of torque and mated to a four-speed ...


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