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    Ripped-off automotive logos lack innovation

    Automakers worldwide spend millions of dollars perfecting and updating their logos. Study groups offer input to help capture that timeless design and color that precisely represents their product. Once approved, the automakers drop tens of millions of dollars into promoting the new look in product ...

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    Czech Up: Skoda plans its own VW Up! derivative

    The Skoda Fabia (not sold in America) is pretty small. It's based on the Volkswagen Polo platform (also not sold in America). But Skoda chairman Reinhard Jung wants an even smaller car based on the upcoming production version of the VW up! concept, and that also won't be sold here in all ...

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    VIDEO: Cadillac advertising in China

    Advertising a product on television can be a very complicated exercise, as each demographic and market get its own specialized message. Many people who travel overseas notice that commercials are peculiar outside their native market, and anybody that sees GM's new Cadillac commercial for the ...

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    Red Flag: NASCAR goes to China

    NASCAR has a solid reputation as a race series firmly entrenched in the southern United States, but has been fighting hard to defeat that image and branch out of Old Dixie. With races lined up in such northern locations as Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, New Hampshire and Wisconsin, NASCAR has long since ...

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    Jean Alesi fronts new Asian stock-car series

    Who ever would have thought a Will Ferrell movie would ever be considered "prophetic," even jokingly? The absurd story of a French racing driver switching over from F1 to stock cars as the last remaining challenge is coming to life again and again. But unlike Jacques Villeneuve (or Colombian ...

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    Dubai company borrows $1.6b to build F1 theme parks

    The Emirates are gearing up for the opening of FerrariWorld in Abu Dhabi, but they won't have the monopoly for long, it seems. Union Properties, a real estate development company based in nearby Dubai, has secured the rights from Bernie Ecclestone's Formula One Management to construct a series of ...

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    Proton recruits expertise from Peugeot

    Following earlier reports of talks between the two firms, Malaysian automaker Proton and PSA group (Peugeot/Citroen) have signed an agreement for inter-company collaboration. Proton, which once enjoyed a practical monopoly in its domestic market, is facing higher competition after the Malaysian ...

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    Nissan and Suzuki expand collaboration

    Back in February, we reported on a blossoming friendship between Nissan and Suzuki, which initially saw a modest trade between the two automakers in the form of the 660cc Moco minicar (pictured), built by Suzuki but badged as a Nissan. In exchange, Nissan builds a small number of Suzuki's Jimnys in ...

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    Toyota expects leaping sales in China

    Toyota expects its sales in China to grow by 52 percent this year to 278,000 units, thanks to new models. Sales through June of 2006 were already up 61 percent, and Toyota is ramping up capacity to further grow in the world's second-largest auto market. The company is a few years behind Volkswagen ...


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