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    Would it have been cooler as a van?

    Cars have earned hero status in a wide variety of TV and film roles through the years. It's rare, however, that the main ride is a van (notable exceptions include B.A.'s van in the A-Team and the Scooby-Doo kids' Mystery Machine.) Artist Brandon Ortwein prefers to imagine a different entertainment ...

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    Alfa Romeo partners with Avatar's Federico Alliney on official artwork collection

    Alfa Romeo artwork by Federico B. Alliney – Click above for image gallery
    Describing an Alfa Romeo as a rolling work of art is easy enough. We've done it, you've likely done it, and everyone else has, too. Heck, the blokes over at Top Gear even tried to sell a Brera to an art museum on ...

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    Michel Collet is an automotive artist who appreciates the details

    Michel Collet's car-inspired creations – Click above for image gallery
    There isn't much to be found on artist Michel Collet, but it's probably enough to let his artworks speak for him. Collet sculpts objects that are intended to be the revealing details from vintage machinery, like a door ...

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    Losing lottery tickets used to create HUMMER H3

    Click the image above for more picsWith the rise in fuel prices in recent years, the HUMMER brand has been the poster child for gas-guzzling. For some, however, the rugged vehicles represent a dream come true. The husband-wife art duo of Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom wanted to make their own H3, and ...


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