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    Traffic jam puppet shows an interesting way to pass the time, All Things Considered [w/videos]

    Superclogger – Click above to watch video after the jump
    If you're on an LA freeway and traffic is especially miserable, look for a white Mazda pickup – the one with the yellow dudes in the back. What you've got is a mobile puppet show led by Joel Kyack, a Southern California artist ...

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    Yugos: Awful cars, serviceable art

    The Yugofone and other interesting creations – Click above for image gallery
    Remember Jason Vuic's book about the rise and fall of Yugo? Apparently, the inspiration for it came from the fact that an artist was able to buy 39 Yugos for $92 each. Those Yugos were given to students at The ...

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    Ji Yong-Ho's tire creatures are steel-belted radness

    Ji Yong-Ho Shark 6 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Art and cars is always a tricky subject. We saw what happened when BMW selected art world mega star Jeff Koons to design their next art car. Long story short, confusion, blinking eyes and a whole lot of chin scratching. However, ...

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    Artist transforming Hummer into horse cart, i.e. why we love modern art [w/video]

    What is art? - Click above for high-res image gallery
    In 1948 American born artist Man Ray wrote, "There is no progress in art, any more than there is progress in making love. There are simply different ways of doing it." This is nearly 30 years after he glued some spikes to the bottom of an iron ...

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    Camper bike has us wondering where all the pickup conversions have gone

    The Camper Bike – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Our initial reaction when laying eyes on the Camper Bike was, "Ah, there go necessity and invention hand-in-hand again..." But we were wrong. The Camper Bike – yes, with a fully working camper – is a "functional sculptural ...

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    Michel Collet is an automotive artist who appreciates the details

    Michel Collet's car-inspired creations – Click above for image gallery
    There isn't much to be found on artist Michel Collet, but it's probably enough to let his artworks speak for him. Collet sculpts objects that are intended to be the revealing details from vintage machinery, like a door ...

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    Benedict Radcliffe's Wireframe Lambo: Yours for just £40,000

    Benedict Radcliffe's wire art Koenig Lamborghini Countach – Click above for image gallery
    In 2008, UK artist Benedict Radcliffe created a wireframe Koenig Lamborghini Countach because he needed something to outdo the wireframe Subaru WRX. Using 160 feet of 10-millimeter steel tubing, the ...

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    Parts Imitating Life: Sculptor uses car parts to make cars... and animals

    James Corbett's car parts art – Click above for image gallery
    One man's junk is... well, you know. Watching the shiny metal grommets roll through his auto recycling plant in Brisbane, Australia, James Corbett doesn't appear to know the word "junk" when it comes to cars. He takes all of ...

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    Bentley craftsmen create works of art for charity in their down time

    Bentley Art Project – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Here's what we love about Bentley. While workers at other automakers sit around and scratch their butts in their growing downtime, at Crewe, they put their spare time to good use. Back in March, we brought you news that Bentley's ...

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    Arcade Fire: Sega Outrun console being turned into driveable car [w/VIDEO]

    Sega Outrun GPS video arcade console scooter -- Click above to view the video after the jump
    When we hear the phrase "contemporary artist" we usually say, "Just show us what you're doing because there's little chance we'll understand rationale." Garnet Hertz, the artist in question, is combining ...

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    VIDEO: More celebrating as Mini marks 50th Anniversary with Wash Me

    Mini 50th anniversary project Wash Me -- Click above for high-res photo gallery
    You didn't really think it was going to stop with Krink, did you? Oh no. Mini and art have combined again on a limited-edition book and art project called "Wash Me." Starting with the idea of the "Wash me!" imperative ...

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    Mini lets artist "Krink" all over its car

    The Krink-ed Mini – Click above for high-res image gallery
    New York artist KR begat the artistic style – and ultimately brand and trend – of Krink. Mini, combining its urban credentials with an aesthetic born from Queens graffiti, gave KR a Mini to Krink and put it on display ...

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    Mini uses spare art for new 2010 calendar

    Minimalism Calendar -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    Mini made a calendar. Or rather, Mini assembled a calendar with artworks chosen from among thousands submitted from around the globe. The calendar's theme is Minimalism, and the only rule for submissions was to include a silhouette of ...

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    Maserati, Architectural Digest celebrate best real and concept garages

    Maserati garage design winners -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    Maserati makes beautiful cars. In a contest they held with Architectural Digest, the home of the trident went looking for the best homes for those cars -- not the actual houses, but the garages that house their creations. ...

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    The wacky, wonderful world of Japanese manhole cover art

    Ever roll through some sleepy burg and notice the townsfolk have painted each fire hydrant, recycling bin or park bench as its own work of art? That's one thing... but how about a whole country? Only in Japan, where the same famously zany locals fascinated with sailor costumes and neon lights on ...

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    Artist creates full scale F1 car from recycled styrofoam

    We have no idea why Michael A. Salter wanted to create a race car out of polystyrene packing waste, and we guess it doesn't matter -- he did, and this is the result. We don't have much any information on the single-seater open-wheeler other than that it's on display at the John Ross Plaza Studio in ...

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    Can't afford to park something cool in your garage? Wrap it up!

    Style Your Garage door motifs - click above for a high-res gallery
    A German firm called Style Your Garage creates posters for garage doors that make it look as if your garage is where the action is. F1 car, F-18 Hornet, exotic dancers -- these are some of the things you can put "in" your garage. ...

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    Ex-F1 Mechanic Alastair Gibson brings racing materials to fish sculptures. Wait, wha?

    Alistair Gibson's sculptures from F1 car parts - Click above for a gallery of images
    Alistair Gibson spent 22 years in Formula 1 paddocks as a mechanic with teams like Benetton and BAR Honda. With decades of carbon fiber and shiny bits swimming in his head, it probably shouldn't come as a complete ...

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    VIDEO: Acura RDX "Wall Art" commercial and how it was made

    Click above to see Acura's Wall Art commercial and the making of
    Perhaps along with the daring it has shown in its styling as of late, Acura has decided to flirt with bold commercial production, albeit arguably with more appealing results. Not content with another dark, slick, lifestyle-rich spot ...

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    VIDEO: A.D. Maddox - World's first Ducati-riding, Catholic schoolgirl uniform-wearing, bug-splattering artist

    Click above to watch a video of A.D. Maddox's artistry in motion
    Sometimes, you come across a hidden gem that not only makes you smile, it makes you glad that there are so many different types of people in this crazy little world of ours. People that sooner or later leave their unique thumbprints ...


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