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    Video: Hyundai pits 2013 Genesis Coupe against... an archer?

    In a surprise move, the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe has shaken up its segment by adding an arrow to its competitive set – that's right, as in "Bow and...". Trying to answer the question of whether the 348-horsepower two-door can go faster than a bow-powered arrow, the company put an archer ...

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    VIDEO: VW Passat R36 "The Battle" commercial

    VW's Passat R36 is, unquestionably, the coolest-looking Passat you (assuming "you" live on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean) can buy today. With its slammed-to-the-ground stance, 10-spoke wheels, and aggressive-looking aero bits, it looks more like a product that should be sporting four rings ...


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