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    Politico? Mafioso? RENNtech has an armored Merc S-class for you

    Defensively, the S600 Guard has got you covered: B6/B7 armor that stops standard military-grade small-arms fire, grenade, shrapnel, and explosive device protection, run-flat tires, self-sealing fuel-tank, and integrated fire-extinguishing system. Offensively, however, as any tuner would tell you, ...

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    Rolls-Royce steel-plates the Phantom

    Click on image above to view in high-resolution In most countries around the world, if you've got the cash and the chutzpah to be rolling in a Roller, you're an instant target for theft, carjacking, kidnapping and various forms of armed extortion. No wonder, then, that Rolls-Royce is finally ...


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