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armored vehicles

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    Report: Army targets 40-percent weight reduction in armored vehicles

    In the auto industry, lightweight vehicles are all the craze. Ford is building an aluminum F-150, carbon fiber is steadily becoming more common and lightweight, high-strength steel is incorporated in even the most affordable of vehicles. The military is not immune to this trend, according to a ...

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    BMW teaches evasive driving techniques at Cold War air base

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    It's not without reason that BMWs are among the top choices for high-security personnel transport. BMW Security vehicles – armor-reinforced versions of the standard roadcars we see on the road every day – are known to be both secure and ...

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    DO NOT mess with the Dillon Aero SUV

    Click above to view video after the jumpFor this blogger, ever since the movie Stripes, there have been recurring automotive fantasies that began with "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a remote-controlled gun turret on this car?" The folks at Dillon Aero, however, were probably watching the evening ...


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