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92Arizona police upset over viral video of high-speed Bugatti

A video surfaced on YouTube last week that purported to show a Bugatti Veyron being driven at near top speed on public roads. Mind you, "near top speed" for a Veyron still means well above 200 miles per hour. The YouTube account owner who uploaded the video claims that the car made seven runs and reached speeds in the range of 215-225 mph. That's well short of 253 mph, the Bug's terminal velocity in Top Speed mode, but the Veyron was reportedly left in Handling Mode to accommodate the public roa

AddArizona lawmaker proposals per-mile electric-vehicle tax

Because nothing says environmental sustainability like a per-mile tax on electric vehicles.

AddArizona repeals Clean Cars program after one year

Arizona has repealed a lower vehicle emissions program that was patterned after California's rules after just one year in effect. The state government voted to instead match federal greenhouse-gas regulations.

7Devon GTX up for auction at Barrett-Jackson

The demise of the Dodge Viper in 2010 was sad enough on its own. But as if to twist the knife in the wound, the end of the Viper also meant the end of the Devon GTX.

116Lee Iacocca's Ferrari F40 up for auction

Supercars play a volatile and ever-changing game of one-upmanship. With each new generation outperforming the last, it takes something truly special to endure the test of time. The Ferrari F40 is such an icon.

182001 Ford F-150 Lightning Rod Concept up for grabs at RM Auctions

We can't tell you how many times we've each been asked about concept cars, "Why can't I buy one of those?" Well you can. Not often, mind you, and not cheaply. But every once in a while, one of those glitzy concepts you see on a show stand comes up for sale. And now, it's time to grab your checkbooks.

341938 Cadillac V16 convertible parades from White House to auction house

The unfortunate reality of a post-JFK, post-9/11 America means that our president needs to be hidden away from public view, and the details of his high-security transportation are just as hidden. But there was a time when the leader of the free world was paraded around for all to see, and for three presidents of these United States, this was the car in which they met their constituents.

41Super-rare Jaguar XJ220S heading to Arizona auction

With only 350 cars built, the Jaguar XJ220 is a collector's item, but some examples are rarer than others.

24Red-light camera company exec put on leave after internet misrepresentation

Bill Kroske, vice president of American Traffic Solutions, Inc., has been suspended after misrepresenting himself on two newspaper websites in western Washington. Kroske claimed to be a citizen in comments he made on both the Everett, Wash. Herald and the Spokane, Wash. Spokesman-Review.

2021-year-old driver survives 200-foot plunge into Grand Canyon

Veering off the road is a scary event. Veering off the road that runs around the rim of the Grand Canyon is downright terrifying. Typically, a scenario that involves the terms "Grand Canyon," "automobile" and "plunge" usually end with the phrase "the fat lady has sung." For one particular 21-year-old man, that luckily doesn't seem to be the case.

23Leading the Charger: '64 Dodge Hemi concept up for auction

1964 Dodge Hemi Charger concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

82Arizona's freeway speed cameras snap their last speeders

In span of about two-and-a-half years, Arizona's highway speed camera program, run by Australian company Redflex, mailed 1,105,935 tickets, or close to 1,125 tickets every day. In 2009, a group called CameraFraud went to work to get the cameras taken down, and after a year of effort they've been successful: Redflex shut the 78 fixed and mobile cameras down at midnight, July 16.

36Report: Controversial AZ dealer with busty mannequins, crazy ads closes [w/video]

"Crazy" Tracy's AutoMart Superstore commercials – Click above to watch video

36Arizona to abandon 'groundbreaking' speed camera program?

Speed cameras are at best a dubious safety enhancement sold on the premise of slowing traffic, while the more important proposition is often the promise of the revenue they can generate. Arizona residents have mostly cut through the bovine feculence around the state's big camera deployment program, one that's been described as groundbreaking. The state installed 76 one-eyed bandits, but profits are lower than projected, and some citizens want the cameras gone.

25Spy Shots: Infiniti QX getting the FX treatment

Next-gen Infiniti Qx – Click above for high-res image gallery of spy shots

21GM and Army open up new test facility on Yuma Proving Ground

GM Desert Proving Ground Yuma - Click above for an image gallery

AddDealer still pitching cars from the afterlife?

On April 8, 50-year-old Charles P. Dimmick died doing what he loved to do: watching his favorite driver, Jeff Gordon, run in the Phoenix round of NASCAR. Dimmick was also the marketing manager at Lund Cadillac Hummer Saab in Phoenix, and if you believe the person who wrote his obituary, he also loved to sell cars.

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