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    Official: GM pumping $450M into Argentine plant for new model

    General Motors has announced that it will invest $450 million in its Rosario Automotive Complex in Argentina between 2013 and 2015. The cash will go toward tooling up for an all-new Chevrolet product to be exported globally. Details concerning what that new vehicle could be or where exactly it ...

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    Video: Argentine driver Guido Falaschi killed in final lap crash

    Motorsports fans are mourning the passing of Guido Falaschi. The 22-year-old Argentine driver was killed Sunday during the last lap of Turismo Carretera when he lost control of his Ford Falcon touring car in an attempt to avoid a collision with a lapped racer. Falaschi's race car slid across a ...

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    Report: Argentina forcing carmakers to export wine, peanuts and chicken feed

    Want to sell cars in Argentina? Be prepared to get into the wine business. Or the rice, peanut, chicken feed, biodiesel or bottled water businesses. Or anything else of value, really. Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (pictured above) has enacted a program to increase the ...

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    Report: Stock car racing comes to.... Antarctica?!

    Argentina has apparently brought stock car racing to Antarctica for the very first time. The Asociacion Corredores Turismo Carretera recently teamed up with the Argentina Air Force and the interior ministry to bring one racer to the frozen continent. Hugo Mazzacane, vice president of the racing ...

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    Official: Chevrolet Cobalt lives... in South America

    The Cobalt lives. Well, not here in the United States, where the Chevrolet Cruze has thankfully banished all memories of GM's last uncompetitive compact, but at least in Argentina. Alongside the Colorado Rally Concept, Chevrolet is displaying the Cobalt Concept you see here at the Buenos Aires ...

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    Donto Motors P1 to take on Ariel Atom, KTM X-Bow

    Donto Motors P1 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you've never heard of Argentina-based Donto Motors before, you're not alone. However, just because this company has remained out of the spotlight doesn't mean they don't have big things in the works – how about a hardcore ...

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    Report: Dakar imposters busted with 800+ kilos of cocaine in faux rally truck

    Smugglers are, by nature, a crafty bunch. Slaves to the market forces of supply and demand, drug runners risk liberty and limb to pedal their life-ruining wares around the world. Doing so requires a healthy helping of creativity, so it should come as no surprise that an Ibiza-based drug ring ...

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    Video: Standing water + train = car wash!

    Luckily, no one on the overpass appears to be driving a convertible - Click above to watch the video after the jump
    What happens when you combine a flooded underpass, a traffic-jammed overpass, and a passenger train in Buenos Aires, Argentina? You get a real-life Six Flags water attraction. Those ...

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    Volkswagen continues inscrutable naming practice with new Amarok pickup

    2008 Volkswagen Concept Pickup - Click above for a high-res gallery
    Remember when Volkswagen just named their cars for different winds? Scirocco, Jetta, Corrado, Santana – they all had a certain clean, sweeping quality about them, even if it wasn't immediately clear where the names came ...

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    VIDEO: Sebastien Loeb does the Gymkhana dance

    Follow the jump to watch Sebastien Loeb demonstrate his talents
    Sebastien Loeb went to Argentina and did some dancing that wasn't the tango. The WRC champion performed a demonstration with his Citroen rally car that was reminiscent of gymkhana. Although it's a little repetitive and nowhere near as ...

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    Former F1 driver Carlos Reutemann running for President of Argentina

    There's not much of a shelf life for professional racing drivers. Around the time when the rest of us are just getting our careers started, they're already in their prime. Especially in Formula One: a few years ago, Fernando Alonso set the record of youngest world champion at 24, which was beaten ...

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    Dakar looks at alternatives, South America tops list

    Following the unfortunate cancellation of this year's Dakar rally, race organizers are examining a number of potential alternatives to permanently move the race away from northern Africa. Last year's race had stages canceled due to security considerations, but this year's event, which would have ...

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    Honda ramping up CR-V production in Mexico

    The small utility vehicle market is booming right now, and there may be none better in the non-luxury space than the fuel-sipping Honda CR-V. Honda has to be thrilled with their little 'ute, mostly because customers are snatching up the vehicle with little or no incentives, and it's far and away ...

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    Yikes! Lamborghini Alar official pics

    Click image for additional pics (including hires version of the above) in our gallery. var digg_url = ''; When we first saw the initial rendering of Joan Ferci's Lamborghini Alar, a Diablo-based special that's somehow allowed to ...

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    Ford sued for kidnapping, torture in Argentina

    Ex-union organizers in Argentina have filed a lawsuit against the Ford Motor Company and the company's local arm, claiming that they were abducted and tortured inside a Blue Oval facility during the country's 1976-1983 military dictatorship. According to the civil suit, Ford allegedly ...


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