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    Report: Ginetta acquires Farbio, GTS rebadged, U.S. certification under way

    Ginetta F400, née Fabrio GTS – Click above for image gallery
    Britain is rife with cottage-industry sportscar-makers, but two are joining forces as racing manufacturer Ginetta has reportedly acquired supercar start-up Farbio. The Farbio GTS was the brainchild of one Arash Farboud, ...

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    Something Wicked This Way Comes: Arash AF-10 speeds towards production

    Arash AF-10 – Click above for image gallery
    It's been a long time coming, but the Arash AF-10 is finally here. Well, almost. Development of the latest British cottage-industry supercar is still being carried out, but after years of following the story, details and photos of the exclusive ...

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    Arash AF 10 images and specs surface

    In case you thought the world needed another supercar that looked like every other supercar, which all look like something Mattel dreamed up years ago for Hot Wheels, CAR magazine has gotten official renderings of the Arash AF-10. CAR says its images came directly from the data used to create the ...

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    Farboud's Latest: Arash reveals final form of AF10 supercar

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Arash AF10 Britain's history is punctuated in no small part by the proliferation of its cottage industry. And while the industrial revolution may have taken care of that to a large degree, it's still alive and thriving in the realm of the supercar. Small ...

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    New Arash AF-8 gets Z06 power, more civility

    click above for more pics of the Arash AF-8Bespoke exotic automakers are popping up like reality TV shows in the spring lineup, but none seem as driven as Arash Farboud, the man behind the Farbio GTS. We have no idea how many GTSs he's unloaded, but plans are underway to create another V8 coupe ...

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    Farboud changes its name to Farbio

    Remember the name Farboud? That GTS supercar maker from the UK? We barely did either, but it's kind of a moot point now anyhow. You can go ahead and forget it again. Instead, think Farbio. No, not the romance novel cover model - slash - "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spokesman. It's Farbio, with ...

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    Farboud GTS nearing delivery

    Back in July we told you about the new Farboud AF10 that was shown at the British Motor Show. The new Z06 LS7-powered supercar from Arash Farboud and the rest of the gang at Farboud Sports Cars is still under development, but this item pertains to the company's first effort, the GTS. The Farboud ...

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    Arash AF10 shown in London

    This week at the British Motor Show, Arash Farboud unveiled a mockup of his company's future supercar, the AF10. Farboud says he'll have a running prototype of the £170,000 exotic early next year. The shape you see here, however, has already been wind tunnel tested, so what you see is likely ...

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    Arash AF10 supercar to be at British Motor Show

    The closest most of us have come to a Farboud sports car is driving a digital version of the company's GTS in Project Gotham Racing 3. Regardless of his obscurity in the U.S., the maverick Brit Arash Farboud will be displaying his company's AF10 supercar at the British Motor Show next month. The ...


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