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AddReport: Aptera raises $9.8 million in new funding, investors not disclosed

SoCalTech is reporting that Aptera Motors has filed information regarding new funding coming in to the company. According to the report, Aptera has raised an additional $9.8 million to help produce its lightweight Aptera 2e vehicle. Six investors have reportedly chosen to put their funds behind Aptera in the latest round of financial support for the company. The company has not released an official announcement regarding the new funding and the names of the investors have not been disclosed at t

AddSpy Shots: Aptera prototype spotted wearing peculiar modifications

It certainly hasn't been smooth sailing for the Aptera crew over the last few months. From the news that cash is running low and the company's original founders are taking an extended leave from their duties, questions about Aptera's ability to deliver its aerodynamic three-wheeler are running rampant. Still, there's obviously something going on out there in California, as evidenced by this a new spy shot.

AddBrace of Aptera spotted in the wild, dimensions measured!

While waiting to make its public debut tomorrow at the Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) conference tomorrow, the pre-production Aptera 2e was chillin' with its Typ-1 prototype brother in a nearby parking garage. Coincidentally, an Aptera fan named Josh just happened to be hanging out in the same garage with a camera and a tape measure. The birds in question were being watched by a security guard with strict orders not to let anyone touch them. Luckily, no one mentioned photography or meas

AddAptera's pre-production 2e rolls out of the factory

Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2e

AddAptera switches to front-wheel drive, delivery date still unknown

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Aptera 2e

AddAptera likely to miss end-of-year delivery date

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Aptera 2e

AddIs Aptera considering a gasoline-only "2g" model?

So, we recently saw the official newsletter from Aptera about recent updates, but it sounds like there's more news to be had about the three-wheeled car. Frequent tipster Yanquetino found two video interviews by TechZulu with Aptera's founder, Steve Fambro, and points out a few interesting tidbits. First, Fambro mentions an Aptera 2g. We know from the new naming convention that the Aptera 2e is the two-seat electric and the 2h is the hybrid, but does 2g mean they're working on a gasoline only mo

AddAptera adds side mirrors, reduces number of back-up cameras

The Aptera vehicle, an official X Prize contender, is going through changes. As hinted at back in September, the Aptera-2e (the Typ-1's new official name) is going through some design changes, including the addition of side mirrors. The mirrors allow a single camera to show what is directly behind the 2e, whereas the earlier three-camera system "couldn't effectively show the body as a point of reference." According to the company, these new additions don't do too much damage to the aerodynamic o

AddFor the 2e, Aptera nabs former Saleen and Chrysler executive

I'm not sure how much of a plus it is right now to have the word Chrysler on your resumé, but Aptera apparently thinks that former Chrysler (and Saleen) executive Marques McCammon is the right person to help bring the Typ 1 to the world in his new position as Chief Marketing Officer. One of McCammon's first moves (with Aptera CEO Paul Wilbur) was to hire the Los Angeles-based marketing and communications company PCGCampbell to represent Aptera in the PR sphere. PCGCampbell's managing part

AddAptera wins breakthrough award from Popular Mechanics

Now that we're so close to the end of the year, perhaps it is finally fitting to ask: What's the biggest automotive breakthrough of 2008? Popular Mechanics has done just that, and their choice is the Aptera Typ-1e. This is the car that looks like a spaceship and is powered by electricity (with is a hybrid version expected to come sometime next year). Specifications for the electric Aptera promise a range of 120-miles following a full 8-hour charge. Much of its amazing efficiency comes from its s

AddAptera has some questions for you

The Aptera Typ-1 asks a lot of questions of the car-buying public. Are you ready for a flightless bird vehicle? Do you know the difference between the legal crash test requirements of a three-wheeled versus a four-wheeled vehicle? Do you like the new design Oh, and did we mention the 230 mpge of the prototype?

AddGoogle invests $2.75 million in Aptera, ActaCell

Click above for more images of the Aptera Typ1 e

AddTop 20 green cars we wish we could buy today, Number 6: Aptera Typ 1

We've been following the progress of the Aptera Typ-1 since the beginning and it has been great to watch the car move from an early drawing to rough prototype to pre-production thing of beauty. We've watched it being test driven by Popular Mechanics (we're still jealous) and the L.A.Times (our turn, hello!!!) and reported its appearances in a Touchstone Energy TV commercial as well as the Star Trek film set. Best of all, it's about to go into production, meaning it's place on this particular li

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