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    Aprilia shows off its Mana X concept

    Click above for more shots of the Aprilia Mana X concept
    Aprilia went out on a limb when it designed its brand-new Mana 850 by equipping the standard-style machine with a CVT shiftless transmission. The rest of the bike isn't quite as revolutionary, but interesting features such as a large storage ...

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    Honda DN-01 automatic motorcycle arrives in Japan on March 7

    Click image for a hi-res gallery of the Honda DN-01 Back in October of last year, Honda announced that the DN-01 automatic motorcycle would enter production. Starting on March 7th, it will officially be on sale in Japan. When we first heard about the concept, we wondered how it would perform with ...

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    Aprilia's 850 Mana - God's gift to motorcyclists?

    Considering the mix of comments that we received when we covered Honda's new DN-01, we decided to show our readers that Honda is not the only manufacturer bringing the automatic transmission to the motorcycle. Aprilia debuted its 850 Mana last year, and the bike has since gone into production. ...


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