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    WHOOP WHOOP: Free software turns Mac remote into alarm fob

    Oh, yes. This is so very geeky, but also good for a laugh or two. Download this little piece of software to give your computer the same level of remote-controlled safety your car probably enjoys. Using the remote that came with your Mac (Windows, Linux and Amiga users need not apply), you can arm ...

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    VIDEO: Datsun history 101 - The Woz and Black Gold

    Awesome. Yeah, that's a good word to describe the Datsun 280ZX. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was busy in 1982 when he made this commercial for the Z car. Not only did he have time to organize the US Festival, he was shilling cars, too. Then there was that other thing he did, involving ...

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    Man mates Mac Mini with Toyota Prius

    We've reported in the past about hacking one's Prius in the search for higher mileage, but what about what about diving into the hybrid's matrix of bits and bytes in search of a more enlightening computing experience? (In the interest of full disclosure, I'm blogging this on a Powerbook G4, have an ...


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