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    Farewell, Autoblog

    After nearly ten years as Editor-in-Chief of Autoblog, today is my last day. In that time, I built this site by writing 5,961 posts, attending dozens of auto shows, driving countless cars and leading the greatest team of people who will forever be my friends. But I have decided that now is my time ...

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    Are sex and biology the future drivers of automotive design?

    It might not get you a date, but this Porsche definitely taps into our biology drives and pumps us up
    "Is that a Porsche in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" That's the subtitle on a funny and informative piece by colleague Diego Rodriguez over at AOL Autos. In it, Rodriguez looks ...

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    RR of the Day: S2000 with a bit of attitude

    Though many of us Autoblog would be shamed were we forced to submit our cars to be considered for RR of the Day, one of our colleagues has a ride he should be proud of. Today's RR of the Day is a 2003 Honda S2000 owned by a fellow AOLer, Chris Ciccone, who heads up the AOL Autos channel. Chris has ...

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    Autoclaustrophobia: Nissan pushes Versa in pop culture

    This week, Nissan launched a new ad campaign to promote the upcoming 2007 Nissan Versa. The promotion centers around the faux-word, "autoclaustrophobia." Essentially, the fear of too little space within an automobile. Naturally, Nissan is seeking to trademark the word.Marketing researchers found ...

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    TomTom brings instant messaging to sat-nav

    "Where did they find those wonderful toys?"That's what we at Autoblog occasionally find ourselves asking when checking out sister-blog Engadget. And what toys! Sat-Sat Nav-Nav Makers-Maker TomTom has released a new product called TomTom Buddies. It's a standard GPS navigation system with ...


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