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AddOhio State discovery reveals flaw that may shorten lithium-ion battery life

Just because winter break is coming up for many students doesn't mean it's a bad time for a chemistry lesson. This one comes courtesy of Ohio State University and poses new questions about the functional lifetime of a typical lithium-ion battery as used in a hybrid or battery electric vehicle.

AddPlug-in batteries could offer 10 times more range, 10 times faster charging in near future

What is perceived as the main barrier to seeing an electric vehicle (EV) in every driveway? Simple: a range that's too short and charging times that are too long. Now, what if a battery technology was developed that would allow you could drive for 500 miles straight and then recharge the battery in 10 minutes? Exactly. There would be a lot wailing and gnashing of teeth by those who just sank billions into tar sand projects and pipelines.

AddAnother day, another li-ion battery breakthrough, maybe

Lithium-ion battery breakthroughs seem to pop up on a daily basis. Universities, engineering firms, battery makers and automotive companies constantly promote their research studies, which promise to advance li-ion technology to the next level.

AddDanish company to build fuel-cell pilot plant

Danish industrial catalyst company Haldor Topsoe A/S is set to invest DKK 100 million (US$17 million) in a new subsidiary, Topsoe Fuel Cell, to build a fuel-cell pilot plant. The facility is being built to produce Solid Oxide Fuel-Cells (SOFC) with plans in the works to build a commercial plant by 2010.

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