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    Report: Mercedes fights off late BMW surge to claim 2013 luxury sales crown

    The king is dead - long live the king. Mercedes-Benz is now your new US sales champion in the fiercely competitive luxury market, deposing the champ BMW, which has enjoyed annual supremacy for the past two years. Thanks in no small part to the dynamite launch of the new, affordable CLA-Class, ...

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    Citroen gunning to be Europe's no. 3 automaker?

    Jean-Marc Gales, who has been running Citroën since leaving Mercedes-Benz in February, is aiming make Citroën Europe's third-largest brand. During a recent interview with an Italian newspaper, Gales stressed the importance of collaborating with other automakers and focusing on product, ...

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    Cadillac BLS a bust in Europe?

    Despite lowering expectations for its Euro-only BLS sedan all the way down to around 7,000 to 10,000 units annually, it appears Cadillac was still a bit too optimistic with the car's chances for success in the old country. The FWD sedan that's based on the Saab 9-3 and built alongside the Swede in ...

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    GM loses another point of market share in Q1

    On Monday GM sales analyst Paul Ballew announced that the General’s market share would slip a percentage point in the first quarter to 24 percent compared to a year earlier. Mark LaNeve, the company’s VP of North American sales (a.k.a. Captain Obvious), also called the sales outlook for ...


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