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    My Max Speed helps you beat the fuzz in court

    Earlier this year, one poor, smartphone-toting driver was ticketed for going 40 miles per hour in 25 zone. But unlike the rest of us, he wasn't speeding. Through the use of Google MyTracks running on his Motorola Droid, a bit of spreadsheet geekery and a meeting with a judge, he was able to prove ...

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    Official: Apple to reject apps that include DUI checkpoints

    In conjunction with this week's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has updated its App Store Review Guidelines, and part of the new approval process includes a section that prohibits the inclusion of DUI checkpoints in iOS apps. Section 22.8 states: Apps which contain DUI checkpoints ...

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    Video: How Ford is using Google's Prediction API to increase efficiency

    Yesterday we got word that Ford was tapping Google's new Prediction API to provide location and routing services for its fleet of plug-in hybrids and full EVs. Today, Ford's engineers are speaking at the Google I/O developers summit and they've released a video explaining how the system ...

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    Audi introducing roadside assistant apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry

    Audi is rolling out a new roadside assistance app for owners equipped with an iPhone, Blackberry or Android device, and drivers with older Audis can get in on the action as well. Once you've download the app from the corresponding store, you enter your VIN and some basic personal information, ...

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    Video: Hands-on with Jaguar's next-gen mobile integration for Blackberry

    Jaguar trotted out a modified version of its XJ to Blackberry World 2011, RIM's international developer's conference, with a prototype smartphone integration system developed in conduction with Denso, RealVNC and RIM. The setup works much like Terminal Mode, porting the smartphone's (in this ...

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    Nokia Wants To Control Your Car

    And Why That Could Be A Good Thing Word came down from on high that a handful of automakers, a few consumer electronics manufacturers and two suppliers had joined forces to create the Car Connectivity Consortium. The underlying purpose: to begin standardizing in-vehicle connectivity solutions ...

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    TeleNav GPS comes to iPhone 4... for a price

    Jealous of your Android-toting friends with their slick Google Maps Navigation service? Well, a new GPS app has arrived for the iPhone 4 and it's also free... for 30 days. TeleNav has released a new version of its GPS app for the iPhone and in addition to providing the usual navigation and POI ...

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    Drive First: Sprint's Android app to curb distracted driving

    With Old Man LaHood making distracted driving a pet cause, both device manufacturers and wireless carriers are trying to devise new ways to reduce distracted driving before the Department of Transportation mandates its own solution. To that end, Sprint has announced a new Android app at the CTIA ...

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    Honda's ASIMO gets an iPhone app

    Honda loves its friendly ASIMO robot, and for the most part, we get a kick out of him, too. (Especially when he has a bad day.) The little guy's latest endeavor is a starring role in a new iPhone app (coming soon to Android as well) designed to get you up and moving. Run With ASIMO is basically a ...

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    GM and OnStar's mobile apps now available on iPhone and Android

    If you own a 2011 General Motors vehicle equipped with OnStar and you also carry an iPhone or Android-based phone, then you are in for a treat. Two new apps have just been released for your smartphones: myChevrolet and OnStar MyLink. OnStar MyLink works with the onboard OnStar system in your car ...

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    Navigon rolls out MobileNavigator for Android phones

    Navigon no longer makes hardware for sale in the U.S., but if you still pine for the days of the 2090S you bought from Radio Shack then they might have some software for you. The German company has released an app for Android phones (to go with its already released app for the iPhone) with a few ...

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    Lexus launches iPhone app for Lexus Enform users

    In-car infotainment and emergency aids like Sync, OnStar, COMAND and iDrive might be the pin-ups who get the boys' attention, but there's another beauty in the corner quietly adding features and getting into better shape: Lexus Enform. Toyota's luxury brand hasn't put the bullhorn to work for ...

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    Irony Police: State Farm releases texting app to curb distracted driving [w/video]

    State Farm On The Move Android App – Click above to view the video after the jump
    Android geeks have been using a combination of GPS and the Tasker app to let contacts know when they can't (or won't) accept text messages or calls (driving, in a movie, etc.). It's some slick software, but ...

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    Viper releases SmartStart for Android devices

    Up until now, anyone with an iPhone or Blackberry and a vehicle with a Viper alarm system could control a range of features from their SmartStart-equipped smartphone. Now Viper is extending that functionality to Google-powered devices through its free app in the Android Marketplace. Vehicles ...

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    2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee: There's a (new) app for that

    2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee iPhone App – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Chrysler has decided to move the owner's manual for the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee out of the paper world and into the ethereal realm of the iPhone App. According to the company, users will have access to all of ...

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    Acer phones it in with Ferrari edition Liquid E smartphone

    For safety's sake, most of what we hear about phones and cars in the same news piece is about not dialing or texting while driving. The rest is usually about connecting your phone to your car... so you don't have to dial or text while driving. But once in a while it comes down to phones inspired ...

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    Google Android in Roewe 350 revealed in pictures

    Roewe 350 with Android – Click above for image gallery
    With the Google I/O developer's conference going on and General Motor's spate of announcements about the future of OnStar and its Android-integrated smartphone app for the Chevrolet Volt, there's been a fair amount of virtual ink ...

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    OnStar taps Google Maps for Chevy Volt navigation

    Back in January, General Motors announced that OnStar would release a smartphone app to be used in conjunction with the 2011 Chevrolet Volt. The app allows owners to keep track of charge status, remotely lock and unlock the vehicle, along with providing diagnostic reports and a host of other ...

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    Google may be GM's mystery technology partner

    2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The interwebs are rife with rumor that the mysterious General Motors technology partner is none other than Google itself. Motor Trend is reporting that GM is currently courting the search guru in order to use the Big G's Android ...

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    2011 Ford Fiesta to include AppLink, voice-control Blackberry and Android apps [w/videos]

    Ford SYNC with AppLink – Click above for high-res image gallery
    On our way to Stanford last week, we came across a murdered-out Toyota Prius with an "I♥OPEC" vanity plate. Prime Twitter fodder if we've ever seen it. Unfortunately, even with our smartphone streaming navigation ...


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