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    Official: Fast & Furious Supercharged ride coming to Universal Studios

    Give us an afternoon behind the wheel of a genuine driving machine and that's all the amusement we could ask for. But amusement and theme parks have been wise to cater towards automotive enthusiasts as well – whether it's with a single attraction at an existing park like the famous Test Track ...

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    Video: Nürburgring's continuing woes highlighted on German TV

    While Germany's famous Nürburgring racetrack continues to draw automakers and enthusiasts from around the world, the course's newer entertainment and leisure facilities are still struggling to draw visitors. A German news report has taken a closer look at the missteps, miscalculations and ...

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    Video: Haven't visited Ferrari World Abu Dhabi yet? Watch this

    Roller coasters: fun. Driving a Ferrari: also fun. And there's only one place where the two meet. Nope, not in the parking lot at your local Six Flags. We're talking about Ferrari World. The theme park is finally open to the public, complete with all the attractions, from F1-themed coasters to a ...

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    Is this tiny Nash Metropolitan the smallest fire truck ever?

    While keeping a fire extinguisher in your house or garage is never a bad idea, what do you do if things get a little too hot for your consumer-spec extinguisher to handle? Perhaps you might consider keeping this little gem in the garage as a backup. You're looking at a 1960 Nash Metropolitan ...


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