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    Study: Ford F-150 bumps Camry from top of American Made Index

    With July 4th just around the corner, what better time could there be for to announce that the Ford F-150 is the Most American car of 2013? This may be especially true since it was the Toyota Camry, a car produced by a company based in Japan, that had held the top spot from 2009 to ...

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    Report: reveals American Made index for 2012

    Put on your flag shorts and Liberty Bell hat. has released its American-Made Index, proclaiming that four out of the top five American-made vehicles are Japanese brands. The Toyota Camry, built in Kentucky, was ranked the most American vehicle sold today, with the Michigan-built ...

  • 0 American Made Index ranks Toyota Camry #1 again

    2010 Toyota Camry – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's that time once again for to release its annual American Made Index. What constitutes an American-made car, however, is just as debatable now as it ever has been. That being the case, there are a number of notable ...

  • 0 releases revised American-made index
    1214946120 has updated its American Made Index, and the list has flip-flopped some models right off, while others have hopped onto the top ten. uses the parts origin information from the window sticker, along with the location the vehicle is manufacture at and sales numbers to determine ...


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