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american axle strike

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    GM lost 285,000 units to American Axle strike

    With closure to the American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings strike in sight, General Motors is pushing forward to resume production at the idled and slowed plants -- assuming UAW members approve a tentative contract later this week. As of Monday, the following plants were back in operation: ...

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    End of axle strike costs GM $218m

    The UAW strike at American Axle has ground on for three months, but an agreement with the union was reached on Friday. General Motors had pledged $200 million dollars to help get things rolling again after being forced to idle plants. The action has reportedly cost GM $800 million, so what's a few ...

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    American Axle proposes cuts and buyouts to end 11-week strike

    When the UAW went on strike against American Axle & Manufacturing in late February, analysts expected a settlement within days. The supplier of axles, driveshafts, and other related components to General Motors and other automakers had a stockpile of inventory on hand, and few expected the ...

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    GM offers up to $200 million to end American Axle strike

    General Motors has been hit so hard by the ongoing American Axle strikes that it's stopped production of the GMC Yukon, Denali, Sierra heavy-duty regular and extended cab, its commercial-duty pickup and variants of Chevrolet trucks and Tahoes. All the while, the General is still negotiating with ...

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    American Axle strike causes GM to idle four truck plants

    It turns out that the three-day inventory of parts that was stockpiled by OEM supplier American Axle is not nearly enough to weather a strike by the United Auto Workers union. The strike began early Wednesday, and though it's only Friday, General Motors is preparing to shut down its second, third ...

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    UAW strikes again! Targets American Axle after talks end

    In a move that may threaten production at General Motors, the United Auto Workers union went on strike against American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Inc. earlier today. The UAW work stoppage, the third called by the union within the past six months, centered around wages, benefits, and ...


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