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45Ford Focus EV recalled, again, this time with ambulances

When we saw a note about a recall for the Ford Focus Electric, our first reaction was, "is that a new one? Because it's getting hard to tell." This year, we've already seen the Blue Oval's all-electric hatch recalled for non-working door chimes and a "wiring incompatibility" in the headlights. The car is also reportedly under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the "Stop Safely Now" issue.

26DC ambulance fleet under scrutiny for engine fires, shoddy repairs [w/video]

The International Association of Firefighters, Local No. 36, Washington, D.C.'s firefighter union chapter, is concerned about the alarming number of breakdowns in the District's ambulance fleet and recommends investigations into its state of disrepair, implying that D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe should be held responsible.

8TedTalk presenter says the fastest ambulance is a motorcycle

When Eli Beer was a child in Jerusalem, he witnessed a bus explode in a terror attack. This brutal awakening to the violence around his home led him into the medical field, starting as an EMT at 15 years old. In Jerusalem. That takes guts for anyone, let alone a 15-year-old kid.

217Emissions equipment causes DC ambulance to shut down, patient dies

Every minute matters when life is on the line. That's why ambulances exist and why we all (well, most of us, anyway) pull over when we see their flashing lights and hear sirens coming our way. And it's also why ambulances need to be as reliable as possible, with maintenance kept up so that they are in perfect working order at all times.

33Wealthy Russians hiring ambulances to cut through Moscow traffic

We're not sure how widespread the practice is, but the option is apparently out there: Russian police have discovered companies on the Internet offering rides in "ambulance-taxis" through notoriously bad Moscow traffic. For roughly 6,000 rubles per hour – about $193 US, which doesn't sound like much for a wealthy Russian – the 'customer' will get to cut through gridlock in an ambulance with flashing lights and the proper paint scheme outside but a refitted, leather-lined interior.

3Chevy Volt's UK doppelgänger to be tested as an ambulance

We still can't figure out where those wacky British will fit the gurney, but we'll let that go as we report that the UK version of the Chevrolet Volt will be tested as an ambulance across the pond.

12SsangYong Rodius called into duty as off-road ambulance

There are many vehicles sold overseas that we wish we could order Stateside. The SsangYong Rodius isn't one of them. But at least the Korean automaker has found a use for the awkwardly proportioned crossover.

7Volkswagen presents new Sharanbulance at RETTmobil emergency vehicles expo

What you see here is an ambulance. It's based on the Sharan, a van Volkswagen offers in certain overseas markets. We shall therefore call it the Sharanbulance.

23Car and Driver's newest project car: The Ambivalence. So what should they do with it?

You want to know what car guys do in the Midwest? Look above. That's the Ambivalence. In another dimension, it was a mild-mannered Ford Econoline E-350 ambulance doing laps in "Northern Ohio meth-country." Car and Driver, claiming to be seeking nothing more than "a cheap diesel," took possession of it and had it wrapped by the folks at Avery Denison with graphics that closely resemble the ambulance from Cannonball Run (right).

12Tiny island of Tershcelling gets fully electric ambulance from Th!nk

With the current limitations (no pun intended) of battery-electric vehicles like the Th!nk City, one of the last places we'd expect to see one operating is as an ambulance. After all, when life is on the line, top speed and range suddenly become of paramount concern. On the other hand, our health is affected by the emissions of cars and trucks, so any way to reduce fuel consumption and pollution is a positive thing.

AddMedic! Spanish bifuel ambulances curb emissions, disappoint drivers

A Spanish ambulance company in the city of Zaragoza, Ambuibérica, is trying out bifuel vehicles to transport patients. The 10 Mercedes-sourced vehicles use bifuel powertrains that can burn both natural gas and gasoline. Turns out, the drivers aren't too happy with these models: they criticize the van's short, 250-km range (about 140 miles), lack of natural gas availability in town and lower speed compared to the diesel counterparts. While the city of Zaragoza itself has some natural gas f

11Vauxhall unveils new police package Insignia

Vauxhall Special Vehicles Police Package - Click above for high-res gallery

34Bizarre Medical Wagon: BMW presents X6 ambulance at rescue vehicle show

BMW X6 xDrive50i Ambulance – Click above for a high-res image gallery

AddThe Rumbler: The Fuzz supplies the sounds, you get out of the way

Police and rescue vehicles pump out an array of aural and visual warnings to tell motorists and pedestrians to get out of the way. With distractions like cell phones, MP3 players, eating on the run, and applying a fresh coat of Revlon, civil servants still can't seem to grab our attention. That's where Federal Signal's Rumbler comes in. The new audio warning system doesn't pierce your ears with loud, screeching sirens. It uses low frequency sounds coming from two sub-woofers and an amp to shake

20Supersize your patient: Canada gets ambulance suitable for 1,000-lb human

As waistlines expand in Canada, so, apparently, do the country's ambulances. Calgary has unveiled a new heavy-duty model designed to transport obese patients weighing up to 1,000 pounds. Standard ambulances, by comparison, are equipped to handle individuals weighing up to 350 pounds (which is also obese, last we checked, just not as much). The new ambulance will incorporate a lift system that will ease oversized patients into its rear compartment, which also accommodates a wider-than-normal stre

20Alberta woman fined $632 CDN for passing a cop too fast

Alright, do we have your attention? The details of this story make it a bit more understandable. As it turns out, Valerie Montgomery was fined $632 Canadian dollars for not slowing down while passing an emergency vehicle, in this case a police car that had pulled someone else over on the shoulder of the road. We were not aware of this law, which apparently is new in Calgary, that stipulates all vehicles must slow to 60 kph in their lane when passing a stopped emergency vehicle on a shoulder dire

AddCanadian ambulances test hydrogen fuel-injection systems

Two ambulances in the Waterloo region are testing hydrogen fuel injection systems. Hiller Truck Tech and Canadian Hydrogen Energy have teamed to develop and install a system that converts distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen. Both gasses are pumped into the diesel fuel stream to reduce harmful emissions.

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