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    ETC: DC ambulance fleet under scrutiny for engine fires, shoddy repairs [w/video]

    The International Association of Firefighters, Local No. 36, Washington, D.C.'s firefighter union chapter, is concerned about the alarming number of breakdowns in the District's ambulance fleet and recommends investigations into its state of disrepair, implying that D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth ...

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    Video: TedTalk presenter says the fastest ambulance is a motorcycle

    When Eli Beer was a child in Jerusalem, he witnessed a bus explode in a terror attack. This brutal awakening to the violence around his home led him into the medical field, starting as an EMT at 15 years old. In Jerusalem. That takes guts for anyone, let alone a 15-year-old kid. During his work, ...

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    Video: Emissions equipment causes DC ambulance to shut down, patient dies

    Every minute matters when life is on the line. That's why ambulances exist and why we all (well, most of us, anyway) pull over when we see their flashing lights and hear sirens coming our way. And it's also why ambulances need to be as reliable as possible, with maintenance kept up so that they ...

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    Report: Wealthy Russians hiring ambulances to cut through Moscow traffic

    We're not sure how widespread the practice is, but the option is apparently out there: Russian police have discovered companies on the Internet offering rides in "ambulance-taxis" through notoriously bad Moscow traffic. For roughly 6,000 rubles per hour – about $193 US, which doesn't sound ...

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    Official: SsangYong Rodius called into duty as off-road ambulance

    There are many vehicles sold overseas that we wish we could order Stateside. The SsangYong Rodius isn't one of them. But at least the Korean automaker has found a use for the awkwardly proportioned crossover. Based on the four-wheel-drive Rodius EX, SsangYong has launched an ambulance version in ...

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    Official: Volkswagen presents new Sharanbulance at RETTmobil emergency vehicles expo

    What you see here is an ambulance. It's based on the Sharan, a van Volkswagen offers in certain overseas markets. We shall therefore call it the Sharanbulance. The Sharanbulance was recently unveiled at the 2012 RETTmobil emergency vehicles show in Fulda, Germany, by Volkswagen ...

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    BMW showcases range of police, fire and paramedic vehicles at RETTmobil

    With its SLS AMG first-response vehicle, Mercedes-Benz may have gotten our attention, but it's hardly the only automaker offering specially equipped emergency vehicles at the RETTmobil expo this year in Fulda, Germany. While Mercedes used the Gullwing to highlight its range of emergency ...

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    Official: Mercedes-Benz showcases SLS AMG ambulance concept at emergency vehicle expo

    Retasking a supercar as a pace car for a racing series has almost become standard fare. We've even seen the odd exotic commissioned to serve as a police car. But as an ambulance? Of all the vehicles that could fit the task, the supercar might seem the least likely, but Mercedes-Benz is evidently ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2011: JFK's 1963 Pontiac Bonneville ambulance? *Update

    JFK's 1963 Pontiac Bonneville ambulance? Could be – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Normally, events such as Barret-Jackson's annual soiree out in the desert of Arizona are newsworthy to those of us who obsessively cover the auto industry... and pretty much nobody else. But when ...

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    Car and Driver's newest project car: The Ambivalence. So what should they do with it?

    You want to know what car guys do in the Midwest? Look above. That's the Ambivalence. In another dimension, it was a mild-mannered Ford Econoline E-350 ambulance doing laps in "Northern Ohio meth-country." Car and Driver, claiming to be seeking nothing more than "a cheap diesel," took possession ...

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    Vauxhall unveils new police package Insignia

    Vauxhall Special Vehicles Police Package - Click above for high-res gallery
    GM UK Special Vehicles has just introduced its take-no-prisoners Police-specification Vauxhall Insignia. Available to police fleets throughout the UK, the car is available in sedan or Sports Tourer body styles (shown ...

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    Bizarre Medical Wagon: BMW presents X6 ambulance at rescue vehicle show

    BMW X6 xDrive50i Ambulance – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    You know you've always wanted to drive a four-hundred-horsepower BMW through city streets like a bat out of hell, and now the Bavarian automaker has the legal remedy. All you'll need to do is get certified as an ambulance ...

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    The Rumbler: The Fuzz supplies the sounds, you get out of the way

    Police and rescue vehicles pump out an array of aural and visual warnings to tell motorists and pedestrians to get out of the way. With distractions like cell phones, MP3 players, eating on the run, and applying a fresh coat of Revlon, civil servants still can't seem to grab our attention. That's ...

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    Supersize your patient: Canada gets ambulance suitable for 1,000-lb human

    As waistlines expand in Canada, so, apparently, do the country's ambulances. Calgary has unveiled a new heavy-duty model designed to transport obese patients weighing up to 1,000 pounds. Standard ambulances, by comparison, are equipped to handle individuals weighing up to 350 pounds (which is also ...

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    Alberta woman fined $632 CDN for passing a cop too fast

    Alright, do we have your attention? The details of this story make it a bit more understandable. As it turns out, Valerie Montgomery was fined $632 Canadian dollars for not slowing down while passing an emergency vehicle, in this case a police car that had pulled someone else over on the shoulder ...

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    2007 Barrett-Jackson: Somebody call for an ambulance?

    Clickable for high res versionLot Number 1544: 1939 Packard 1701-A Custom Ambulance Dark green/cream/earthtonePowered by a 330hp Chevy 350 mated to a 700 R4 automatic, this Brantford Coach and Body-produced ambulance should get you to the hospital quickly, and in style. The company built ambulances ...

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    Townsfolk react to red light rigger on video

    The story of the Colorado man who got fined $50 for using a device to change traffic lights on his way to work from red to green has made its way around the internet already. As much fun as it is to read about the man’s eventual capture after two years of playing god in traffic, it’s ...

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    PSA: Proper break-in techniques for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class

    Luxury automobiles are all about insulating owners and their select company from the din of the outside world. That's why many automakers have increasingly been turning to double-pane glass in high-end automobiles, as it affords a quieter interior and improved thermal efficiency. One thing ...

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    Toyota recalling 76k minivans in Japan

    Toyota of Japan is calling over 73,000 minivans and 3,000 ambulances back to its dealerships to rectify a brake problem. The recall, which covers some nine different models stems from potentially defective front propeller shafts (inadequate heatproofing) to brake booster issues. The minivan ...


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