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    SEAT unveils new Twin Drive Leon prototype hybrid

    The SEAT Leon Ecomotive was a Leon that had been picked over and removed of many inefficiencies in order to deliver a frugal 3.7 liters/100 kilometers (63 miles-per-gallon) as well as lower CO2 emissions. The SEAT Twin Drive Leon Prototype takes that idea a giant leap further by making the car a ...

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    Ironic legislation: CARB ruling to kill aftermarket plug-in hybrids?

    The uncertain future of the alternative-powered and alternative-fueled vehicle is being decided by a confluence of old and new technology, big business and start-ups, marketing, vested interests, and public perception. It is no surprise, then, that when it comes to government regulation, we are ...

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    AMG Boss: "The horsepower wars are over."

    Click above for a high-res image gallery of the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series
    That's the way it goes with fashion: it's on the runway in Paris in March and in a bucket at Big Lots by September. Mercedes-Benz' in-house tuning arm, AMG, has decided to turn with the popular tide and call time ...

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    Toyota developing solar powered car?

    Twelve years ago, Toyota started selling a car that was bought by those considered avant-garde, on the fringe. It was called the Prius. Now Toyota is looking to "turn around its struggling business with a futuristic ecological car," and the company is supposedly working on plans for a solar-powered ...

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    Autogas Chevrolet Matiz Concept = LPG for the masses

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the fahgmitgas Matiz LPG Concept
    Thanks to a company called fahrmitgas ("go with gas", get it?), our European readers will soon be able to cut their fuel costs to the low, low price of €3 (about $4.20 USD) for every 100 km of driving. Of course, they'll ...

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    Finalists announced for Green Car Journal's Green Car Vision Award

    The Green Car Vision awards celebrate a car that's got its headlights pointed down the road of the future. Among this year's five finalists are two serial hybrids (Chevrolet Volt and Fisker Karma) two electric cars (MINI E and Mitsubishi i-MiEV), and one hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (Honda FCX ...

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    No, really: Toyota won't create seperate Prius brand

    The idea of a separate brand for the Toyota Prius has gone from "seriously considering" to "not a 'go'" to, now, "Um, no." That's the word from Miguel Fonseca, Toyota's managing director in the UK, who says that there won't be a Prius sub-brand. However, Fonseca did say that the stork would be ...

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    Rumormill: Could Lexus become a hybrid-only brand?

    This could be Japanese-only news, or just a case of bad translation, but Toyota Managing Officer Toshio Furutani has apparently told Japan's Nikkei Business News that Toyota wants every vehicle in the Lexus product line to offer a hybrid option, and that "in the medium to long term, Toyota was ...

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    Paris Preview: Kia cee'd Hybrid

    Kia's will have at least two new tricks at the Paris Motor Show, one of them being the Kia Soul. The other will be a Kia cee'd gas-electric hybrid. Already available in coupe, 5-door hatch, and sportwagon variants, a hybrid addition based on the five-door would be a perfect addition to the line. So ...

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    Spawn of Volt: More details on more variants

    Click above for live high-res gallery of the 2011 Chevy Volt
    GM is not going to let the Volt or its E-Flex powertrain get lonely. The first Volt -- the one due in late 2010 -- hasn't been finished yet, yet is so popular that GM is publicly theorizing about how far it can spread the technology ...

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    Nanotech research stumbles on homemade hydrogen

    Efficiency is a large stumbling block if you're looking for a way to replace gasoline. It's pretty hard to better such an exceptional fuel, and several alternatives show promise but are nagged by inefficiencies or cost, and usually both. Nanotech to the rescue; it may soon be possible to produce ...

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    Porsche warming to diesels

    In yet another move demonstrating that Porsche is capitulating to the greener crowd, an industry newsletter is reporting that the German automaker's executives have overcome their long-time reservations about diesel powerplants and are considering such a vehicle for their lineup by 2010. ...

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    Volvo says it won't be building in North America

    There have been periodic rumors of a United States assembly plant for Volvo cars since at least the early 1980s. There was a North American construction arm of the Swedish carmaker, situated in Nova Scotia, but that plant has been shuttered for several years now. Volvo CEO Fredrik Arp has told ...

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    Enter the rumormill: Ford Fusion hybrid coming to LA?

    Jalopnik got the skinny from a Ford Motor Company snitch they've dubbed "Electric Throat" (ahem), who says that a hybrid Fusion will be launched in concept form at either the Los Angeles Auto Show this November or North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January '08. While we knew ...

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    EEStor ceramic electric motor

    Alternative-fuel engines of different sorts all suffer from one major drawback or another: poor range, hard-to-find filling stations, high cost, poor performance. EEStore is out to change all that with a revolutionary new kind of "battery". We put "battery" in quotation marks because the unit ...

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    "Project Driveway": GM launches largest ever fuel-cell fleet

    General Motors yesterday unveiled plans for "Project Driveway", a field market research project that will place 100 hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles with customers across the United States. A diverse cross-section of customers with varied driving environments will be chosen to participate in ...

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    Audi R-Zero electric sports car

    Not much is known about this all-electric Audi concept called the R-Zero except that it's the brain child of three design student: Pierre-olivierWagner, Franck Levivier and Remi Marchand. What we can gather from the vehicle's website, which displays all non-essential information in English and the ...

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    Geneva Motor Show: Land Rover debuts e-Terrain Technology concept

    Called the Land_e, this technology concept from Land Rover is designed to showcase a suite of hybrid technologies that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while staying true to Land Rover's go-anywhere 4x4 mission.With the "e" standing for efficiency, the Land_e is roughly the size ...


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