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alternative fuels

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    Could U.S. become net exporter of gasoline?

    A number of factors are conspiring to create a situation that recently would have been unthinkable: the United States as a supplier of gasoline to world markets. According to Booz & Company, those factors are the rise of biofuels in the West, the introduction of plug-in electric and other ...

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    Ronn Motors' Scorpion: 450 horses, 40 miles to the gallon

    Hydrogen has been touted as a viable fuel source for decades, and seemingly every day, some new or upcoming hydrogen-powered milestone is reached or discussed. However, in nearly every case, hydrogen is being touted as a standalone fuel source. But what about using pure hydrogen mixed with gasoline ...

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    Prince Charles' Aston runs on a gallon of sack... wine, that is

    Prince Charles is not new to the environmental debate. His blue, 38-year-old Aston Martin, however, has had nothing to do with being environmentally friendly. Until now. The car, a gift from the Queen on Charles' 21st birthday, has joined the growing fleet of cars that run on bioethanol, having ...

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    Ford exec: Drive greener or else!

    In an interview with Whatcar?, Ford's global product development boss Richard Parry-Jones said car buyers need to embrace greener cars if global warming is to be overcome. In fact, Parry-Jones goes on to say it's the role of the consumer, not car manufacturers, to save the planet from polluting ...

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    OPEC keeping cost of gas low to discourage alternatives like E85

    OPEC wants gas prices at the sweet spot which looks a little like this: "high enough to justify its investment in future production capacity but low enough to allow economic growth and deter a flood of alternative fuels," or roughly $2.25 a gallon, according to Fox News. Good business sense or a ...

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    Volvo announces green initiative

    Ford's Volvo division has announced an initiative to build more fuel-efficient vehicles with lower emissions. The plan details smaller engines, cleaner diesels, hybrids and other alternative drivetrains, as well as lighter building materials to cut weight for its global fleet. West coasters in ...

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    Robert Redford wants you to Kick the Oil Habit

    The Center for American Progress, which bills itself as a nonpartisan organization (we'll let our readers form their own opinion), has kicked off a campaign to Kick the Oil Habit. Academy Award winner Robert Redford was given a spot on's front page to speak his mind ...

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    Apparently it's time to bring on the diesel naysayers

    With diesel being hailed as the next step in the progression of powertrain efficiency, we guess it's time that the naysayers start crawling out of the woodwork as is their habit. OK, maybe that's a bit unfair - perhaps it is possible to register some legitimate complaints about the ...

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    Corn business booming thanks to need for ethanol fuel

    Corn production is expected to go up 34 percent to 2.15 billion bushels, thanks to an increase in interest in ethanol, a fuel based on the plant. The bad news is that as demand has gone up, so has the crop's price, from $2.25-$2.65 a bushel, up from $1.95 to $2.05 last year. The amount of corn ...

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    Chrysler to sell half-million FFVs by 2008, including Jeeps

    Tom LaSorda, chief executive officer of the Chrysler Group, announced in Washington, D.C. that the automaker is committed to selling 250,000 flex-fuel vehicles in 2007 and 500,000 in 2008. In addition to the Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Town & Country minivans, Dodge Stratus/Chrysler Sebring, Dodge ...

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    Meijer to offer 20 E85 fueling locations in the Midwest

    Meijer, a supermarket chain that's little known outside of the US but arguably represents the Salt Belt's best defense against Wal-Mart, plans to offer E85 at 20 locations in Michigan. That may not sound like a lot, but there are currently only five locations that offer E85 in ...


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