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On top of the test drives (Wheego Whip), test rides (Coda Sedan) and a visit to the unlimited energy booth, a highlight of the AltCar Expo last weekend was getting to hear the LA Times' premiere auto scribe Dan Neil moderate two sessions called "Some Inconvenient Questions." Neil was lucky to have on his panels some of the most knowledgeable people in the green car world who were able to discuss and promote their favored technologies (plug-in hybrids, hydrogen, etc.) without beating each other u


EF9's "unlimited clean energy" system - Click above for high-res image gallery


NuTech battery swap trailer model - Click above for high-res image gallery


Gov. Schwarzenegger learns about the Chevy Volt - click above for high-res image gallery


As I said earlier, the panels at the Austin Alt Car expo were heavily focused on plug-in vehicles. The last discussion on Friday continued the trend and was called "Future Prospects for Plug-in Hybrids" and the participants acknowledged that their presentations were treading over some of the same ground that earlier panelists had covered. Still, Mark Duvall of EPRI and Susan Zielinski of CARSS did add a few new tidbits to the discussion and if you're a PHEV fanatic, you'll find something in the


Here's a tip for Terry Tamminen: retire the joke already. You know, the one about Arnold Schwarzenegger and whoever just introduced you as a speaker, how they were pumping iron together back in the day? We heard it about Ed Begley at the 2006 Alt Car Expo and then again at AFVI in 2007. When Tamminen told it again at this year's Alt Car Expo (listen to the audio clip below), I started to worry that he might not have anything new to say at all. But, while Tamminen is still a strong supporter of h


click above to see more of the TrioBike


Dr. Andy Frank, the "godfather" of the plug-in hybrid


Click above more pictures of the Zero X


AutoblogGreen's reports from the Alt Car Expo continued yesterday, and there will be some more up today (video takes a while to edit, you know). Both Renault-Nissan and Toyota had big announcements about upcoming vehicles that could've been delivered at the show, about an all-electric car by 2010 and the new, incredible MPG rating of the next-gen Prius. Check it.


Michael Kadie of SSI Racing is taking the kit-car approach to building his electric vehicle. A Factory 5 Type 65 coupe, which resembles a Shelby Daytona, is the foundation. Instead of stuffing a hopped-up Ford small-block under the 1-piece nose section he has a TransWarp 11-inch electric motor mounted in transmission tunnel. Plans call for about 1,000 lithium ion cells from A123 Systems as a power source. Regular automotive batteries were used for the show and parade this weekend at the Alt Car


This weekend was the Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica, California. While the biggest news was the unveiling of the Electrum Spyder (the sliver car there on the left) there was plenty of great information for green car fanatics. We're talking people who are fans of green cars because of they are better for the environmental, better for America's national security of because green cars are just plain cool. The links below represent AutoblogGreen's on the ground posts that went live on Saturday and Sun


While I certainly will be working out in Santa Monica this weekend at the Alt Car Expo, I must admit that I'm also going to enjoy a getting out of the Midwest cold for a few days. I known Santa Monica is no Honolulu, but it'll do.


In order to clear the decks for this weekend's Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica, we wrap up our coverage of the EDTA show in D.C. That silver car up there on the right is the Electrum Spyder, which will be available at the Expo. The Spyder is an all-electric car that doesn't cost as much as a Tesla Roadster, and doesn't quite have the same oomph, either. But I'm still going to try to take a ride in it.

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