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41Volvo testing wireless, in-road charging system for EVs

The in-road electricity bug that's bitten researchers from Utah to South Korea has flown to Sweden, where Volvo is working with a handful of partners to develop its own take on dynamic, wireless recharging technology.

AddAmerican Electric Power and Alstom to commercialize CO2 capture by 2011

American Electric Power and power plant supplier Alstom have agreed to work together to implement a commercial scale version of Alstom's carbon capture technology by 2011. The first phase of the project will involve the construction of a 30MW demonstration plant to validate the system. It will be constructed next to an existing AEP power plant in New Haven, West Virginia. It should be able to capture 100,000 tonnes of CO2 annually that will be stored in deep saline aquifers near the site. The de

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